Got my wisdom teeth pulled today

Discussion in 'General' started by Dude Man, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. The whole thing was pretty easy, and the pain afterwards hasn't been bad, just persistent. They gave me painkillers with codine, which managed to only take the pain away, I didn't even get any adverse effects from it, but I'm not looking for that kind of fix.

    All-in-all, I guess it's time for a tolerance break until I heal up. :confused_2:
  2. Good thinking.

    It's not worth an infection to feel funny for a couple hours.

    You could always bake some brownies or something :smoke:
  3. I smoked cigarettes a few hours after I got my impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed. I never had any problems, of course, that does not mean you will have the same results. If you do not have the same results, you will be in a world of pain. So, a tolerance break sounds like the safest bet.
  4. What they give you? I'm dreading when I'm going to have to go. I can't handle the dentist. I'll need to be sedated.
  5. I got put to sleep for my wis. teeth removal, wasnt even really in much pain afterwards (beer + meds = Woohooo, relaxin)

    I got dry socket too.. one of the top 10 worst pains i've had in my life.
  6. I was awake during the procedure, just a lot of novacaine and white knuckles. I also brought my iPod to listen to.

    I liked the Vicodin they gave me, but I took too many recreationally and my mouth hurt for three days after I ran out.
  7. I was put out for it. I don't even remember what happened after they gave me the anaesthetic, and apparently I woke up an hour after they had finished. The pain hasn't been bad for me at all, but I tried eating sushi and I think I got some rice stuck in there somewhere. :(
  8. when they pulled mine, they gave me the gas...and nothing happened, waited, nothing, more gas, nothing...and he couldnt legally give me more...

    and then he was shaking, because it was fucking freezing and the fact he knows my mouth is sensative, and that i hate needles...

    then i got little to nothing from the 'caine....

    and he gave me percoden...non-narcotic...make pot brownies...thats what i soon as i could eat...

    and if you got stitches, DO NOT use straws, they will pop em...however, get a milkshake a day...and cold food...

    good luck, man, i hope your mouth isnt in too much pain...i hated getting my wisdom pulled, i felt less wise :rolleyes:
  9. im gettin mine pulled this tuesday

    as much as i dont want to i know i need to, i hope mine is as pain free as yours sounds

    the pain killers will be good, and ya im thinking about making it a little tolerance break too, how long did they say till you could shmoke?
  10. They didn't, but I'm gonna give it about a week or so and see how my teeth are. I actually wanted to call and ask how long the recovery's gonna be, so you might wanna ask them about that stuff before you go under.

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