Got my weed taken! Or did I...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Shalom Salaam, May 13, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, let me tell you what happened to me last night.

    I went to this concert at a club i havent ever been to before. I had a dub sack in my shoe and a lighter in my pocket. No big deal. But when i was on my way inside, they were searching people to the extreme. I got searched and when the guy felt my lighter, he asked me if i had any drugs on me. I said no, but he pulled me to the side and made me take off my shoes and found my bud and put it in his pocket and let me inside.

    I was really pissed off at this point and i really wanted my bud back. So durring the concert i kept my eye on the guy who had my bud. I saw him take it, along with some other bud he took from people at the door into a bag and put it behind the counter by the door. As the concert was ending, i noticed the guy wasnt standing by the counter and the bag of ganja was unattended. I told my friend what was going on and he said we should grab the bag and run. I had a few drinks in me and it seemed like a solid plan. So we walked to the door slowly, snatched the bag and ran outside and a few blocks away. No one followed us and i dont think anyone even saw.

    We looked inside the bad and found my dub and about 6 sacks of other bud. I was so happy i got my shit back and then some. Because we felt bad for the other people who had bud taken, we waited for the concert to end (10 minutes) and then smoked out like 7 or 8 people who came out of the concert.

    At this point we feel like we beat the system and were very generous to our fellow ganja smokers. So we got in the car, went and got alot of food, and rewarded ourselves.

    It was a night to remember, and i thought it was worth sharing with the fine people of Grasscity!

  2. hahaha rock on, serves that guard right, 50 bucks says he was gunna go smoke that shit himself later... lol :p

    how much bud did u end up snagging? u lost ur dub, but u mentioned something about 6-7 other baggies in there? haha, hope u scored like larger amounts! enjoy man!
  3. haha that's bad ass that you left with more than you came in with. stupid motherfuckers taking people's weed and shit. i'm sure they would have just smoked it all, so you did the right thing!
  4. Sweet one man! For future reference, wear some ball huggers and let them hang onto it for ya. They can't check there. Or for the ladies some coochie huggers.
  5. Yeah, besides my dub, there was like an 8th of others people weed. It's all gone now :D hehe.

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