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got my "vaporizer cherry" broke last night

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pokernaut, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. i smoked bud out of a vaporizer for the very first time last night. it was a cool experience. now i see what all the hype is about. i didn't know that the vapor doesn't go stale like smoke does first off. that's cool, just vape a bag and hit it whenever.

    i REALLY liked the taste. that surprised me because the 1st reports i read when it 1st came out said it cuts the flavor. hooey! it tastes great. you get the taste of exactly what a bud smells like. it tastes soooo clean! yum yum!

    the bud was nice too. i tell ya, smokers out here in oregon have their shit wired tight! buds back east are ALL couchlock but out here, all 4 times that i've smoked have been clearheaded and alert. THAT'S what i'm talkin' 'bout!

    dude didn't know what the variety was, but it smelled green and piney, kinda like thai used to and not skunky or strong.

    i must be building some tolerance because i must have had 6-7 hits over a couple hours and wasn't spaced out, couchlocked and i didn't even come close to woofing even when i took an 80% vape hit. i did feel a bit of throat itch, but i could still hold it. the other time, i was taking about 50% hits just to be safe because last month, two light pipe hits and one deep bong hit made me woof so bad i puked and got the dizzies.

    now i've smoked weed about every way you can except wrapped in leaf. done bongs (my old favorite... i like vaporizers now), bowls, doobies and the most hideous and disgusting way... blunts. blunts are evil! vaporizers are pure!
  2. Yea, vapes are great.

    the reason why you arent getin the couchlock high has to do with the temp of the vape... it doesnt burn one of the things hot enough to release that couchlock thingy... i dunno if that made sense
  3. If you're going to become a vapo-aficionado, be ready to shell out $300~$400 for a decent piece that uses convection to vape. I've yet to use a vaporizer, but I think I'll just wait until I meet someone with one to try it out.
  4. I guess u mean the other cannabanoids dont get released, that could be true, or maybe its just a good sativa strain. Ive been smokin nothin but sativa for too long, i need a good indica couch lock.
  5. OK... there must be something to the whole cannaboid conversion thing then. the person i vaped with told me he never gets couchlocked of his vaporizer which i just took for anecdotal BS. now that i see a second opinion on it, i'm thinking maybe there's something to it.

    as to getting my own, dude wants to sell me his old school globe for just $30! i'd say that's a worthwhile investment, but i'm not going to buy it until i have something toput in it.

    i've been dry as fock the past 3-4 years! the ONLY time i smoked two and 3 years ago was when a buddy would give me X-mas eigths and in the past year, i was doing leaflet trim in my closet shoplight grow for a couple months and other than that have toked just 4 more times.

    2 months ago, my piss would have been cleaner than a newborn! no kidding.

    that's why i got so stoked about vaping. it was almost as good as getting laid. now i gotta work on that too. LOL
  6. I want a vape bowl and a heat gun for my bizong...
  7. hey... here's an idea for a DIY vaporizer i'd like to run by the experts. i actually had this idea a year ago when i was thinking of converting a steel saucepan, but then eventually came up with the idea of using ready made scientific gear like my home bong... a double holded rubber stopper with fishtank airline in one hole for the mouth piece and a bowl adapter similar in use to the glass "thistle tube" in the following pic

    basically, my bong is a wine bottle set up like this gas generating bottle

    but using fishtank airline and a standard threaded bowl. OK, now picture that setup inside a BEAKER, you know, the glass bottle that looks like a regular funnel turned upside down. then, get rid of the bowl, put some bud inside and use your STOVE as the heating element! you can dial in the right temp and pretty much do the same thing as a vaporizer for next to nothing!

    it would be alot clunkier, care would be needed so as not to burn yourself, and i'd imagine you'd have to wait for a cool down before inhaling unless you piped into ANOTHER BOTTLE for a vaporbong hybrid as the air inside would be hotter than a vaporizer.

    basically though, you could vaporize using cheap off the shelf parts and if you're really into diy, build your own air chamber, maybe some kind of piston.

    i thought of the idea because all i'd need to do it would be to buy a flat bottom beaker. i don't think the wine bottle i use would be too practical

    what do you think?
  8. I do as well, haven't heard a bad thing about the vaporstar yet.
  9. I like using a vaporizer as well, I seem to get a lot of hits off of one bowl. And it's a nice clear headed high.
  10. if u want a quality vape but dont wanna shell out 400, check out vaporbrothers man theyre like 170- never met anyone thats had anything bad to say about it
  11. Vapes do taste great, but the high I got was far too clear. I like the kind of high that I get from anything else. The one that makes me semi-retarded.
  12. [quote name='genueix']If you're going to become a vapo-aficionado, be ready to shell out $300~$400 for a decent piece that uses convection to vape. quote]

    dude you are so wrong. i bought my vape in december for christmas present to myself and paid 100 bucks and i have used it 2 tims a week since then and it hasnt broke or anything . dude people that pay 300 -400 are either getting the kind that fill up in a bag . or a volcano . in my own oppion they arent worth it . get a "digi Vapor" you can see the temperature on it but its the tunnel kind and you have to prop it up against a wall or hold it and it has a hose that you hold up to the spot that gets hot and another end with a mouth piece.
  13. if you REALLY want to get the lowdown on vaporizing, there's a forum SPECIFICALLY dedicated to them. i'll see if i can find a URL for it to post here. i saw it last year and they had alot of activity & comparisons.

    hmm... there might be more than one, this is happyvappy, but it doesn't look or sound like the one i visited. there may be more

    vaporinfo is a small budding (sorry for the pun) forum

    here's a pretty active vape forum at

    here's a DIY vaporizer

    here's a list of allegedly FAKE vaporizer review sites, but you have to retype the URLs in your browser because the "fake sites" probably won't accept hotlinks from it

    well, i didn't find the forum i stumbled across before, but there's a few links for anyone looking to get specifics
  14. i just use a light bulb and that works, other wise i rip roor

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