Got my vape taken by the police in a different city??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by oLE51289, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. So about a month and a half ago, I went to visit some friends who live about 60-70 miles from me with my roommate, and, naturally, brought my da buddha vaporizer with me. now, i'm just a poor student and $175(price of my vape) is a fortune to me. anyways, we spent three stoned/drunk days at my friend's apartment and then i came back. when i got back, i realized i had forgotten it at my friend's place, but i wasn't too worried since it was over winter break and my friend comes to visit fairly often.

    the only probably is that my friend is rather forgetful and forgot to bring it back 3-4 times, so i asked another friend of mine to pick the vape up from him and bring it back to me. i was all excited to get it back since i had been without it since the beginning of january, and my grinder was with it also. the day after i asked my friend to pick it up, he sent me a message saying his house got raided by the cops and they had taken all of his weed(several ounces), scales, paraphernalia, and worst of all (for me at least), MY VAPORIZER.

    isn't that the worst luck ever? he had it in his possession for all of a day or two, and it gets taken from the cops. if i hadn't asked him to go pick it up, it would still have been at my other friend's house, safe and sound, and i would probably be getting it back later this week. instead, i don't have my vape OR grinder anymore, because of something that had absolutely nothing to do with me. i can't ask my friend to pay me back for it either since he lost probably a few thousand dollars' worth of stuff, plus all the legal shit he's gonna have to deal with.

    this might sound like me bitching b/c my friend is so much more fucked than i am, but still, probably the worst luck ever. fuck.
  2. maybe he is lying?
  3. I call BS on your friends story.
  4. no dude, this is big news among all of us, including his friends who have been friends with him for years.
  5. Lol, i wouldnt be so quick to trust your friend. Its not hard for him to steal your vape and claim the cops raided his house. I would call him out on it if i were you....
  6. and then lie to me, and tell everyone else to lie to me also? i don't know about your group of friends man, but i've been buddies with him since middle school and with most of the group for a while also. i'm 99.72% certain they wouldn't fuck with me like that, your best buds don't do that shit do you do they? no dude, i'm just telling this story about that shit, plus chances are that i'm gonna be going back to their campus before spring break so presumably i'd go there too.

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