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    Finally broke down and decided on a vape. I didn't get the best or most expensive because it is my first one and I wasn't sure if I was gonna like it.

    I got the KIA with bubbler attachment from my local head shop. So far I am very happy with it after using it a couple times.
    I am still perfecting load amounts and hitting techniques so this is just a basic list:

    - Heats up pretty fast
    - whip attachment
    - carry/storage box built in and holds whip and cord
    - super easy to use
    - optional accessories like car adapter and carbon filter with ash catcher
    - of course it bakes you out
    - Made in the USA

    - Black whip hose
    - no temp adjustment (I think the "Kustom" model has it)
    - needs drawer or tray or something for chronic, you have to plug and unplug the whip too often to get at the bowl
    - gets pretty hot around parts you need to touch, like unplugging electrical cord, needs power switch
    - needs a locking hinge for the lid so it won't wiggle when open

    Like I said , just a basic "starter list" I will add more as I learn more about the unit.

    Yeah I said unit. You wanna fight about it!

    Here are some lovely pics to enjoy, I covered my face, but if you know me I am sure you will recognize the ink, but keep it on the down low
  2. the pics got left off somehow??????

    Tryin again

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  3. Nice, how much did that bad boy cost?
  4. Seems okay but I don't understand the point of having a hose connected from bong to your mouth. Why don't you just put the bong in your mouth?
  5. either way works I suppose. It came with the hose so i was using it and showing what it came with.

    The bong is pretty damn small IMO
  6. Nice I wish my vapor brothers came in a nice box like that. I need to get my mini bong hooked up to my vape.
  7. My friend had a similar setup with a vapor bros vape and bong. Looks like you are all set my friend. Keep up the good work!
  8. It definitely is a better hit through the little bong. Still working the bugs out, but my stash is getting low so................:eek:...:(
  9. Nice set up you seem good to go!
  10. Looks nice man, I've been thinking about a vape with a GonG attachment for a while.

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