Got my Solo!!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by SiDankies, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Was going to get the DBV but figured the portability suits me better. Waiting for this thing to charge and going to check back in with you guys after. Best heat temp in your opinion?
  2. This thing really is something else man I am gone this thing blows vape clouds!! Selling my MFLB
  3. ...congrats on getting the solo, i love mine, setting 3 is what i keep mine on mostly when just lounging , maybe 4 or 5 if im in a rush and need to get the job done faster.
    hope ya like it ..happy holidays
  4. Awesome man do you know what size pipe screens I need ??
  5. half of a inch screen should fit perfect , thats what came with a aftermarket stem i bought, and it seems to fit the original stem also.
  6. And how much does the screen add to the draw resistance? I already find it has a huge draw resistance.
  7. I like to keep it on 5, then for the last hit or two i will turn it to 7 and take those hits while it is still heating up. If you haven't already, I advise looking into getting a PVHES or Ed's stem for your solo.
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    I only tried screen in my new stem , but the stock stem doesnt get a very good draw as is , and if you add herb and resinated screen , im sure it would be very difficult to get a good draw.
    PVHES is soo much better than stock stem , like i think its a must have , no questions asked...
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    If ya havent tried it, vapor bonging with your solo is a whole other beast .
  10. for me the Arizer Solo was the best thing to happen in 2012!

    quit smoking joints and tobacco 14wks ago and was using my MFLB for a while, but it just wasn't getting me high enough so started looking at alternatives and came across the Solo, I was so impressed at the reviews and videos that I brought one. and then it came..

    to tell you the truth it was WAY better than I expected, the feel the quality the ease of loading and cleaning, the battery, the stems all of it. after a few initial goes I was well and truly in love!

    that was end of oct and I havent looked back. I take it everywhere with me, in the car in the park out for walks, round my mates, not to mention my sofa! yes I can medicate inside woo hoo (previously smoking outside) and then theres the effect..

    this thing gets you high. nuff said.

    recommended 200%

  11. would love to get me a pvhes but they've been out of stock for a while. Any idea when they will be back?
  12. Not sure when they will get more in,
    im going to call them as i want to order a a straight shorty , and the bong downstem adapter stem, (think its called a Gong)..
    They seem to be always sold out , so im going to pre pay , i suppose i got lucky as the first time i checked their website they had like one bent shorty in stock , dude on phone thought they were sold out, he had to double check
    Hope ya get one ..Good luck
  13. Once the stock stems loosen up they're not too bad/restrictive

    I've used nothing but the stock stems since April

    How much you pay and what model/batch? Should be on the bottom, M1__, I know you were buying it locally

    .5" screens for sure. Doesn't hurt draw much at all as long as they're clean, and I clean my stems once a month so don't worry about it

    get a bong/bubb with a 14mm bowl, and the stock stems fit perfectly. I use a 3/8" rubber grommet if theres no gong bowl

    temp wise, 4-6 for me, depends on the bud
  14. I'm so thinking about getting one of these this upcoming spring or summer. I have an EQ, but would love to ditch smoking all together and be able to vape outside when it's warm out. :)
  15. stock straight stem
    no screen
    temp 4-5
    M1D2 off eBay
  16. Ok and how do you make the he light for idle go away? I mean is it ways on idle ? I don't get that. And does it ever shut off after a while or is that just because I didn't have a full charge last night.
  17. I believe it auto shuts off at 12 minutes ..
    Not sure if you can shut tbe idle light off, but u can turn off the beep sound that it makes when adjusting temp or powering on off

  18. How?? I think the beep is wayyyy too loud lol

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