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got my shit stolen

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by trev502, May 10, 2010.

  1. i know im just ranting here but some people are such idiots it was only 15 dollars worth of weed but still what is wrong with people really wanted to beat the shit out of them but probably would of gotten jumped it was 2v6 really hope karma exists and they get everything in there house stolen.
  2. Maybe it'd be a good idea to clarify exactly what happened so the rest of us can understand this rant.
  3. Yea. So im guessing it went down like this:

    Got bud stolen.
    Didnt do anything about it.
    Wishes he did now.
  4. Is this the same dude who's friend got put into a headlock by bully with 'tard strength?

    Please say yes.
  5. me and my friend were talking and the 6 guys came up to us and asked us if we wanted to smoke we said no (my friend was holing my weed at this point) and they were like u got any i just said barely and they asked if they could smell it I told my friend no but he ended up giving it to them and they were walking off and i got infront of them and they started acting like they had straps on them and so i just let it go didnt wanna get into a fight or shot over they being idiots.

    and to your question no what the fuck you talking about?

  6. No that's me.

    And sorry to hear about your situation OP shits weak.

    Expect for people to call you a pussy man lol but good job not getting the utter shit beat out of you for $15

  7. I'm talking about vvvvvTHATvvvvv guy. It's nothing, nevermind.

    Yes. 15 bones ain't no thing. Ain't no thing at all.
  8. im not mad at the money but why do people gotta be such ass holes, people cant just mind there own business? no every time they outnumber somebody they gotta take there shit because they can.
  9. That's life, there will always be those kinds of assholes. Another reason legislation would be good, because then you could actually call the cops on them without worry. For next time just walk in public places to avoid getting jacked (unless your weed is so super-dank that everyone can smell it), get your weed home as soon as possible after picking up, and don't let them "smell your bag". That alone earns your friend a facepalm.
  10. that was your friends fault. Ya, those guys are dicks, and although I dont steal, what would most people do If two kids handed you some bud and you were with six? Steal it, your friend should have said no, and you guys coulda been on your way
  11. if they stole all his weed, why NOT call the cops. He's not holding anything, anonymous tips are great, they aren't probable cause, but it puts them on the radar. F#ck 'em, call the cops and say they're dealing, they'll get all kinds of attention. It's weak, but so are they.

  12. That would have been the best way to teach their asses a lesson.
  13. hahahah:D karmas a bitch

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