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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by GreenDazed42, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. Well, I ordered some seeds from seeds direct a week or two ago, and yesterday I got a package. My mom gave it to me and was like "<-----edited for content----->", but when I saw it was from <-----edited for content----->, I knew what it was. So I'm like, "<-----edited for content----->". I open it up and see it's a <-----edited for content----->, so I think, "It's right inside!". I open it up and<-----edited for content----->, with "<-----edited for content-----> or something. I'm like, wait, maybe this is <-----edited for content----->. I pop the <-----edited for content-----> nothing on it. So I'm like, "<-----edited for content----->" Then I get the most genius idea (probably the most obvious place the seeds would have been, actually) and I <-----edited for content----->. Lo and behold, <-----edited for content----->! I was so excited! So now I'm a happy man, with my 10 NL #5 Pure Indica, and the free Skunk #1 seeds! I'll start a grow journal once I get my growroom set up, and my plants thriving!
  2. All You Had To Do Was Give The Seed Bank Props. To Much Info You Did Not Have To Tell How They Came. Good Luck
  3. Why's it matter? I was happy, and laughed at my own stupidity and wanted to share it. I said what I got in my post, but I'll say again: Skunk #1 and NL #5 Pure Indica. I germinated and planted two Skunk #1's today, today's when they finished germinating.
  4. The reason i said that was because of your momentery lack or reasoning could get them or us arrested. This site is dedicated to the sharing of ideas not telling on how we score our prescious little friends.All you had to do was give the seedbank there props. Sorry if you take this wrong but we got to protect each other not snitch on one another. Stay Kool
  5. Sorry man, I understand. I read your post the wrong way.

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