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Got my recomendation today.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by trogdor4564, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Today i went to Medi-Cann and got my recommendation.
    It was fairly easy. Just bring in medical records as proof and you got yourself a card.
    I have mine for 3months right now bc i have to go in for a follow up then i get it for a year.
    I say medi-cann is probably the best. Only $135 for appointment and you get a free id card in the mail about 1-2 weeks later. Now its time for me to check out all the bay area dispensaries!:hello:
  2. Congratulations!

    Doesn't it feel great to not have to worry anymore?

    Do you live in SF? I'd say must-stop visits in the City are Divinity Tree, Grass Roots, HopeNet, and CannaMed Care.

    In the East Bay, try Purple Heart in Oakland and Berkeley's Patients Group in Berkeley.

    Maybe I'll run into you one day, and we can have a session. =P
  3. are u able to get one without and illnesses?
  4. no they wouldnt do that.

    if they did that they might as well leagalize
  5. in one of the stickys its says that someone can be prescribed if they have add which i do have, will that surely get me recommended? and if you dont know the answer to that question its fine
  6. 3 months!?
    do you have to pay for the follow up cos thats gay
  7. In California you can get a recommendation for ADD
  8. alright cool
  9. Nope follow up is free as long as i go within the 3 months.
    I just have to go back with papers from going to another doctor, then they give me the full year for free. Cant wait to get my card in the mail though. Gonna be pretty cool
  10. Lucky as hell, cops have nothing better to do around here than catch people smoking weed.

    Basically I got high, ran into some cops, and they acted like cops, now I have to snitch about graffiti or get fucked by the long dick of the law.
  11. Don't snitch, please.
  12. i also got caught by the cops baking out my car with my friend and they found my weed, scale, and pipes and nothing happened to me, court never happened :smoke:
  13. Ask Medicann if they'll stand up for you in court. I've heard they dodge all supoenas. Decent Canna-docs will write letters to confirm the validity of your recommendation, if you get into trouble and need help in court.
  14. My ID card came in the mail already!
    I went in 2 days ago and got my card already, wow.
    Medi-Cann is really on top of things and is a great marijuana doctors office.
    I say if there is one near you use them. ID is free of charge
  15. Go to any clubs yet?

  16. offtopic but boy if u snitch on some taggers its a wrap for u!
    don't fuck with someones elses life cuz u can't keep your shit straight!
  17. Grats on the card bro.

    Snitches get murdered here in California.
  18. Medicann is awesome!!

    It aint a game man snitches always get theirs...N you just announced it to the world...Who knows some of the cats on here might know what you're talking about...
  19. Don't snitch... cops are pussies. If you snitch you'll get fucked by the long dick of the G-code. Don't fuck with that... damn.
  20. Snitching is lame. If you snitch on some locals in your town, ya your going to get your ass beat. Its just weed man and you got caught with it. Don't fuck someone over because you can't hang.

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