Got my plants to this stage now what? pics soon

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  1. Have my plants germinating in my attic. Been there a day or 2 in the dark. Now i got up today and they have sprouted a little bit from the soil. Then i removed the bag from over them and started lighting them 12/12. Is this what i should be doing everyday and just waiting till its time to water it and cut it?

    Pics coming tonight when i check on it. thanks
  2. You should give them 18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness, or 24/0 to let them veg for a couple weeks and then switch to flower, if you want to get some yield. You _can_ start them at 12/12 now, but they will begin to flower immediately and be ripe in 6-10 weeks.. On the other hand you could grow them for months, even years, on 24/0 before flowering. All depends on your personal situation.

    I would consider vegging for a few weeks though!
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    Im sorry i meant 18/6 is what i started this morning. I will be turning the light off at 10 in the morning until i get a timer.

    Also curious If i do 12/12 now what do you mean by ripe? smokeable or what? what are the benefits of that?

    also with the 24/0 what are the benefits of that sounds like it would veg faster?
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    12/12 from seed/start is possible, im doing it right now as its some lengthy sativa strains im growing, it pretty much cuts out the veg cycle, resulting in small plants with obviously smaller yield, its only real benefit is the shorter period of time in which the plants grow, many people choose to go 12/12 when dealing with sativas due to the ridiculous sizes they can grow to and because they require a longer flowering period, I wouldnt recommend it with Indicas.

    24/0, 18/6, both are fine, ive always went 18/6, feel a little darkness does them good.

    what lights are you using? growing medium? bagseed or seeds you bought?
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    Im using 4 23 watt walmart great value brand cfls plus one ge 13 watt cfl. but next time i go to the store im gonna get 2 cfl 26 watt daylight bulbs and then replace 2 of the bulbs im using now.

    I dont know what you are asking by growing medium. and yea just bag seeds for now. heres pics.



    they have sprouted to about 2 inches long when i check this morning. about how much longer before i can tell the sex and remove the males? i have 4 plants total in the pot but dont plant on keeping them all
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    growing medium = what brand of soil/whatever are you using.

    you should have never started 4 plants in the same pot, one for each is how it should always go down, before you find out sex, you keep them on 18/6 - 24/0 cycle for a couple weeks or to whatever height you'd like, then you switch to 12/12, it can take up to 2 weeks from then for them to show sex, by no means will this be over in a couple weeks, have patience if you want some good smoke.

    take the time to thoroughly read through this forum, use the search feature, you should learn all you can before starting plants.
  7. Not sure on the brand. Well i plan to move them or get rid of some depending on how it goes.
  8. I agree with Ohfuhq, I think you need to do a lot more research. its easy to get over your head really fast when you haven't researched well and come up with a game plan in advance. You're likley to be playing catch up the entire time. What are the temp ratings of those cfl's? they look like 2700k which is not good for vegging. you need 6500K.
  9. it didnt have the temp ratings on them but im just using them until i got pick up 2 6500ks
  10. Well just like a fruit (it is a fruit really), the buds are under ripe while they are developing.. If you have smoked premature buds you know the look and smell and taste. And then the trichomes become cloudy and amber and the hairs tuck in.. Ripe.. The time when the buds reach full maturity. At a certain point the quality of the buds will begin to degrade, and they are considered overripe.
  11. well i got a timer today and been using the bulbs i have with 18/6 schedule and there still growing more. will they be ok for now then i can add two 6500 k bulbs and get away with them growing pretty good?

    Im not looking for a big huge turnout or anything this is my first attempt and just doing it for fun really to see if i an actually accomplish getting smokable plant matter lol
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    Ok still havent went and got 2 daylight bulbs yet but thats next. But i took my plants outside to sit in the sun while i gave them a little water to wet the top soil. How are they looking? Sorry g.f has the cam shitty cell pic


    edit: also they have only been in the pot since friday so 5 days total. I know i have 4 in one pot but once they get a little bigger im gonna put them in seperate pots.
  13. I think the one critique you will get here at least- get them in their own pots.
  14. well thats simple, but i jsut wana know how the plants look
  15. If it's simple why haven't you done it yet?! ;)
    Seriously, get those into 1/2 water bottles or something, just so they don't have to fight each other for water. Nobody wins. I'd get on switching those bulbs, too. Daylight (5000k+) is what your babies need. Good luck to you; if you want this to work, and are willing to do the reading/setup to make it happen, you'll be golden. Or green :smoking:
  16. the daylight bulbs are coming i just havent been to the store yet. nearest walmart is an hour drive total to get there and back lol. If i move them into seprate pots whats the best way to do it?

    Also i have 105 watts total right now. Im gonna remove 2 of the bulbs now and add 2 26 watt daylight bulbs will this be plenty ill have 3 2700k bulbs and 2 6500k for a total 121 watts?
  17. Should have 100watts for 1st plant, 50watts each additional. Just for planning ahead
  18. well i got 4 total but im only hoping to keep 1 or 2
  19. Are you going to wait til they show sex before throwing away the others? Or do you plan on getting rid of runts early? I've heard fems tend to start slower, so give them a chance. I'd also say save those warm CFLs for flowering, as they don't match the effectiveness of daylight during veg, also have heard they can cause hermaphroditic plants. Best to do your own digging, search is your friend! Good luck.
  20. I used soft white 2700k cfls from seed to.. well 3 weeks into flowering now.. No male buds so far! And the size of the plants would seem to indicate they love it. I know there is probably a bunch of reasearch about how the plant uses the light spectrum, but based on my own emperical information I will say no worries. If you can only buy one type, buy the Soft White since you are trying to grow buds not stems :)

    I'll let you know if I see any males on my plants.

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