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got my moneys worth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jennypenny, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. heyy i was wondering if this is a good amount for paying $50

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  2. Damn is that a dime bag? Or slightly bigger?
  3. looks bigger than a dime bag. but no way can that ever be worth mroe that $15
  4. :eek:DAMN. Not from the looks of it. Im guessin its pre- ground dank? I never get my dank grounded up. its straight sticky bud.

    Should be about that entire bag filled with quality buds.
  5. $50?! Fuck you got ripped off man. Also it kinda looks like shake.
  6. The first thing I'd expect is that it wasn't all bud.
    It simply makes no sense that grinding it would just be a service they'd offer.
    Why? It's time consuming. That and if it's left intact, internal stems etc would add to the weight...though I suppose those could just be ground up too, which kind of brings home the first point.
    Best case scenario I see here is that it might be some good weed mixed in with some not so good weed?
    You buy weed intact, and that's the only way people should sell it.
    I would suspect anything else is dodgy.
  7. you did not get your moneys worth. i have doubts as to whether or not thats actually weed
  8. Shake can look like theres more weed in it then there actually is so some dealers sell it for more then they would normal buds.
  9. Lol man, time for a new connect. OR time for some BUD not SHAKE.

    On a brighter note, it is what it is. Dont worry about it too much, smoke up and relax man. :smoke:
  10. No, that is not your moneys worth. Look for a better connect or ask your current one, what the fuck is up?
  11. Am I the only one thinking this is a troll? A female troll, at that! Jennypenny? And short shorts?
  12. You should take another pic and lay it flat next to like a ruler or something.

  13. I hope she's trolling. Because if she payed $50 for that she got ripped off really bad. I wouldn't even buy it because it's shake. But if I were to buy it id pay no more then $15 for it.
  14. i know how big of a baggie that is since i just had one, and... that is like a 5 sac. Sorry

    EDIT: compare the bag size to the palm of the hand. It is a really small bag
  15. damn, you got jipped hardcore. that looks like its not even worth more then $15, and it looks like shake too. Couple things. Find a new connect, never buy pre-grinded bud always ask for nugs
  16. Does it smell like pizza?
  17. thats not weed
  18. Agreeing with everyone else, looks like some shake from mids.
    Which, tbh, isn't worth buying. Bitchslap that "dealer" of yours :eek:

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