Got my MH Conversion bulb in.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rhapsodyrcks, May 4, 2011.

  1. Ok I got my MH Conversion bulb in. I think I was under a different idea of what it did. Thought it was a combo bulb but just reread what the website said.

    "When you use this Metal Halide Conversion bulb your plants will grow bushier, greener and better than you could with a High Pressure Sodium bulb. Then when it's time to flower/bloom/bud your plants, simply screw the 400w HPS bulb in for excellent result in that stage of plant growth."

    My ballast can take either a MH or HPS autodetects it. What is the difference between a MH bulb and a MH Conversion bulb?

    For some reason I was under the assumption that it was a combo bulb of HPS and MH.

    Should I have just bought a st8 MH bulb? Thanks!

    HTG Supply - GrowBright 400 Watt MH Conversion Bulb
  2. The conversion bulbs are for magnetic HPS ballasts. HPS needs to be ingnited and MH does not. The conversion bulbs bypass the ignition and allow them to be used on with an HPS ballast.
  3. LOL wish I had understood that lol. I feel dumb now. Oh well. My plants are now in flower mode anyhow so HPS all the way!!!

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