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Got my Magic Flight Launch Box yesterday! Review and pics inside...

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by HighVibes, May 23, 2010.

  1. Yea!! I got myself a 2-pc grinder. Space Case :) And it works soooo much better than the 4-pc!! I can get soooo much more out of my Herb. Def. a good investment. Thanks for the tip :D

    VAP on!!! :metal:

  2. No problem bro, yea it really is a great quality grinder, I'm able to get a really fine grind so it works great with my launch box. :hello:
  3. Yeah I got Lemon Balm, its pretty cool...gets me drowsy

    Today I bought a 4 pack of Duracell Rechargeable AA NiMh 2650 mAh batteries, but I don't think they work..I peeled the plastic back and everything but they just don't work :(
    Anyone know what store would sell the Sanyo Eneloop ones?
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    I ordered mine thursday night from vapeworld. I had a coupon code for 12% off so I added express mail for an addtional twenty bucks or so. I wanted it to come before sunday cus Im without a toking tool until it arrives. Im hoping the united states postal service pulls it off. I think Im going to copy your strategy for the battery situation. :hello:

    oh and I selected passion flower for my free herb oz (it has strong trainquilizing effects) :) I have horrible insomnia and I think it would be nice to smoke a mixture of it with weed
  5. i want mine even more now... wtf is with 4 days of processing an order?

  6. Actually, I dont think I'm getting the 15 minute charger anymore. Everybody that has it says the batteries it comes with are garbage, and that it destroys your battery (wears it out so it doesnt last as long) a little bit every time you use it. So yes, you could buy it and just use it to charge the batteries that came with the launch box (which work phenomenally and are actually some of the best batteries you can buy. they're called Sanyo Eneloops btw), but then in a few months or maybe even less, you'd have to buy more eneloops. So at this point, I'm just thinkin about buying an extra set of eneloops, and just using the sanyo charger that came with my LB. It's pretty easy to set up a sort of "schedule" for strategically charging your batteries so you always have a few charged ones.
  7. So I received my LB yesterday and it came with a 4 hour charger that can charge 4 batteries at once. i will be buying 2 more eneloops also :)

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