got my iPod stolen today... damn...

Discussion in 'General' started by ienjoysmokin, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. shit yo got me ipod stolen today, i am on the virge of killing someone, so i smoked a lot weed to get rid of the anger. and lets jus say i'm a little too high . and my heart beatin too fast, im having a bad high, cuz i'm so upset deem down. my 165$ ipod touch, with 50$ headphones. its was pride and possession, had like 950 songs about, some videos, like 30$ worth of apps. lots of personal shit, like my myspace, facebook, windows live username and password. my phone book. and like the first thing u see when u go on safari is a porn site..
  2. If its a pic of you (referring to your avatar), your Andrew Bynum's look-a-like
  3. lol calm down bro, its an ipod. not the end of the world. why are you getting so worked up about something so small? go to work for a few days, make 200 bucks, get new ipod.

    and rofl about the porn site, why would that even matter?
  4. oh that blows ~ dude seriously, I felt the same way when some1 stole my iPod touch.
    found out a few weeks later it was my fuckn cuzn but not anymore.
    do you have a clue who might of taken it... or it got randomly stolen?
  5. I left my ipod in a movie theater when I was really fucked up.. never got it back, but whoever found it got treated to some nice music
  6. yea i know who did it i think.. he a classmate in my culinary school
  7. I doubt he's only mad about the ipod and headphones; it's the principle of some low life just taking all your shit and gettin kicks outta your suffering.

    Besides, he had 950 songs, he may not have all those songs on his computer.

    Either way, I'd be royally pissed if someone stole my ipod and good pair of headphones.
  8. Same thing happened to me when the iPod Touch first came out. I paid premium out the ass for it, and bought a pair of skull kandy headphones. Went to work one day and put them in my locker for 10 minutes because I had to do something for maintenance, come back and they're gone and nobody saw anything.
  9. This is exactly why I have a shitty $45 shuffle ipod.

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