Got my first Vaporiser - Da Vinci Ascent

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Political Poetry, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. So, title says it all!
    I don't smoke that often but when I do I hate to smoke the stuff.  I only smoke like once a week lol but wanted to try something new! So I got the Ascent, can you guys give me some recommendations on how to use this thing to get the best buzz possible?
    I am a vaporiser newb, joints I am semi professional ;P
    Seriously, tell me some of your stories with the thing!!

  2. Have you tried using the oil caps over the dry herb ?

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  3. The Ascent is one of the best vapes I've tried. Looks sleek as hell and vapes really well. As to your question about how to use it, this video might help out.

  4. If you find the DaVinci Vaporizer is heating up to the touch a little too much for your taste make sure you are NOT blocking the vent on the front at all. Even cupping your hand around it will cause it to heat up, so keep that part clear at all times. Halfway through your session if you feel like the vapor is thinning out it means it is time to stir the material. Flip open the herb chamber cap, take the cleaning brush out, and use the non-brush side to give your material a quick stir. If your DaVinci Vape dies mid session this would normally mean disaster with any other portable vape, but not with the DaVinci. Simply plug your DaVinci portable vape into the charger and turn it back on. It can operate while on the charger, even with a completely dead battery. Moreover, if you are using an oil can it is imperative that you dump them in ISO alcohol right after each use. The oil cans can get messed up pretty fast if you leave leftover material sitting in there.
  5. The Ascent doesn't come with a brush, it is a metal stick with a small point for poking the bottom glass piece or stirring. [​IMG]
    No brush. 
    Pack the material tight, or use the oil can to compress the material. If you underpack, the material will fly around not making contact with the ceramic sides.
  6. I dropped mine in a toilet and it survived.

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