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Got my first ROOR or did I?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by hkas, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I think I'll do that tomorrow and thanks for your input... Also she sells a lot of glass pieces and seems to have a bunch of positive reviews so I guess she gets them in bulk or something
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    I only said to ask why she's selling it to see if she's trying to get rid of it quick or selling it cause she's broke or quit smoking or something like that so it would be able to justify the low price of the RooR if it was authentic. but wait, I must've overlooked it, but is this for a new piece and not a used one?? :eek: if so, I gotta keep it realistic and say that the little chances even left of that thing being authentic has seemed to have become even slimmer. She herself is either a cheat or someone who truly does believe that this an authentic RooR. You might be able to haggle down the price a tad too if you sort of express to her your feelings about this being a fake, which is you're right to do so as a consumer. $60 for a new authentic RooR is a total and complete utter steal if it was even possible. but like you said, not a bad price even if it is a fake.

  3. yeah it should be new since you can still order the sme one I got which obvss tells you that she buys a couple of them to resell but how the hell would the price be that low if it wasnt fake

  4. looking at it alone hints fake, and as this thread progresses it keeps proving fake. she has more of these to sell new? ha! tell her to hook you up or you'll call the real deal and tell them about her business :wave:

  5. yea i figured now it even matters less to me lol and nah I wouldnt do that, would have to report everyone whos selling on there and theres a TON
  6. haha, no you don't have to actually report her, i didn't really mean it like that, i just said that so you can let her know you're guaranteed it's an indeed fake and maybe she can compensate for intentionally leading you on by claims herself that her products are real. Ha, but like I said before, she herself probably thought what she bought was all real/authentic.

  7. lol yeah i should do that and apparently i get a "fake" RooR ashcatcher too! this is just getting better and better

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