Got my first ROOR or did I?

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    I've just ordered a ROOR and it should be here within the next 2 weeks or so... I just wanted a second opinion Is This real or fake? It doesnt really matter all that much to me since i'm only paying $60 for it but it would be nice to know anyways. :D Peace!

    EDIT:better title? :p
  2. $60 its probably fake...ioffer seems to have a lot of fakes...why would you buy it then ask if its fake...why not ask then buy.


  3. said i dont mind it being fake i just wanted a glass piece at a good price and came across this one... i was just wondering!
  4. i can't see the trademark but i know that one if it was Real would be a few hundo ...either way you got a glass on glass piece.
  5. dude the pics off that link are photoshoped. and from what i can tell the glass in the bong seems to be running, just my opinion could be mistaken. but anyways 46 for a roor would be awesome hopefully you get you moneys worth.

  6. Soooo..then it's not a ROOR.

  7. yeah i thought the price was pretty awesome
    we'll see what i get when i finally gets here Ill make sure to get some pics up
  8. CHANGE THE FING THREAD TITLE. Sorry. Anger took over.
  9. And hopefully your last ROOR.
  10. just common sense tells u its not a roor but a 3mm thick beaker for 60 bucks not bad i guess

  11. Last fake RooR....

  12. Yup you got yourself a FROOR buddy...

  13. seems like it... but what if it actually WAS real? the seller kept rambling on about how real her stuff is so you never know...

    It be SWEET :smoking:
  14. Lol it doesn't say roor in the descriptio anywhere.

    No one, anywhere, would ever sell a real roor as a "35CM Glass water pipe". Thread title=complete fail

    It's a good price for a gong beaker though, have fun with it man

  15. in the comments

    what is the thickness of the glass? Is it an authentic Roor?
    Yesterday 4:30 PM
    Seller Offer: CA$45.55 3mm glass, yes, it is real roor

    not saying its real or that it will even look anything like the pic lol (not expecting it to) but it was mentioned

  16. post pics when you get it. Im rooting for you cause $60 for a real RooR is just truly an incredible find. If it is indeed authentic of course.
  17. She said "real" not authentic, there is a difference. It's obviously real, since you can hold it and smoke from it; now, is it an authentic piece? No, not even in the slightest. The joint is very shitty, the ice pinches are uber thin, and the flame polish label looks shoddy.
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    well you've got a point but we can't really know if i'm getting EXACTLY whats in the pic. Bet if i ask if its "authentic" she'd say yes but it doesnt really matter to me as long as i've got a piece to enjoy the herb with :smoking:

    EDIT: And I get a free chillum! worth the price if you ask me
  19. I'd ask if it's authentic. It wouldn't hurt. I'd also go as far as asking if you're receiving 100% what's exactly in the picture. I'd even ask why it's being sold.

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