got my first job, what should i save for??

Discussion in 'General' started by KryptoniteKing, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Got my first $8 an hour job. Im going to save all of it not even spend a single cent of it.I live at home and all bills are paid for and i have a car to drive to work only. I want to buy my own car but then what if i need like a thousand dollar repair or something. What would you guys buy??
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  3. If you still live with your parents, why not start saving up to get your own place? :smoking:
  4. Agreed
  5. retirement. :smoke:
  6. Try to save a little bit for retirement in a personal account. With the way retirement is going these days...Well, it's probably best to save some aside yourself. Just an opinion :)
  7. 8$ an hour, lets say you work at least 8hs 5 days week. That'd be 320$ a week. In a month you'll get 1280$.
    Save at lest 1-2 thirds of it. Use the other third for weed/personal expenses.

    Idk op i'm just saying. Do whatever you want to do with it.
  8. Traveling; best investment ever.
  9. More like 900 after taxes
  10. Id say get a car of your own. Breakdowns will occur, its innevitable. Just gotta put on your big boy pants and make responsible purchases.
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    well im saving up for coilovers, my motor/tranny swap, and my LSD (limited slip differential not the drug).

    then this shall be a reality.

    not in those cars but yeah.
  12. Save up a few months and buy your own car. Also save to move out
  13. weed enjoy blowing your whole paycheck till you start having bills
  14. Don't worry so much about what to save FOR, worry about saving. You'll never have trouble spending, but you will have trouble saving.
  15. Why save for one specific item? Save for life, man. Shit comes up you don't expect. I'd say save for a place of your own/bills, but I can almost guarantee your savings will be blown on car troubles or college classes/books. I say this because I was saving for my place, but car troubles drained me right before the holidays. :( its sad, but it's life.

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