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got my first acrylic pipe...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bricko hash, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. #1 bricko hash, Aug 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2011
    and i love it. the top of it is rasta colored and the rest is see through its pretty bitchin'. and hits hard as fuck. i was kinda skeptical at first but now im a believer. hahahaha

  2. Post some pics bro! Wanna see it.
  3. Pics? Or is it one like from the GC site? I really want a acrylic shotgun.
  4. Is it like this?

  5. yea dude, pics
  6. lol everything gets quiet when asked for pics...

  7. hahahahahah for real
  8. sooooo....
    you got a pic?

  9. dude i put it up
  10. I think an acrylic shotgun is the only excuse for an acrylic. Unless you just want a temporary on the go disposable bong which ive done that before.
  11. [quote name='Elijames21']I think an acrylic shotgun is the only excuse for an acrylic. Unless you just want a temporary on the go disposable bong which ive done that before.[/QUOT

  12. because i was on a road trip and dint wanna risk any glass

  13. i meant like why is an acrylic shotgun the only excuse for an acrylic pipe?
    i would rather have acrylic than glass because i dont want to worry about dropping it or breaking it some how. and metal pipes can get hot as fuck.

  14. Watch out bro. I had the same bowl on my acrylic bong and is started to crumble away and burn at the flame. I threw it away, because I didnt want to be inhaling that shit. All I can say is dont chief it too hard lol.

  15. LOL. Unless you literally drop shit all the time, this is no excuse.
    Glass gives you the full flavor of your herb
    Can be cleaned (can't put alcohol onto plastic)
    Hits much smoother
    Looks much nicer and many more glass pipes/bongs out there than plastic
    Won't break if you get something decently thick! 5mm<

    Acrylic pieces can melt over time and can break too! My friend cracked his brothers acrylic 2 footer by simply knocking it over. Woops.

    Dude... Fuck acryllic. Never owned one, never will.

  16. dude you dont have to use alcohol to clean pipes you can just use salt water.

    glass is way more expensive. i got this pipe for 5 dollars and it works great and if i lose or break it then i can just get an other without busting my balls.

    i just held a lighter to my pipe to see how long it takes it to start melting, it took ten seconds for smoke to start rising off of it and i highly doubt your gonna be putting straight flame on the actually plastic its self while smoking.

    and about glass looking nicer... so what? is this a fucking beauty contest? and i have seen some pretty wild looking acrylic pipes.

  17. i have heard the same thing about the wooden style bowls. but that's nothing like the pipe i got.
  18. Is the bowl part acrylic too because I can't see that being healthy for u

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