Got My Dorm Searched!!! PLZZZ NEED HELP!!!!!

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  1. Long story short, I got my dorm searched today because the university thinks I'm selling weed. I clearly told them I wasn't selling, but they searched anyways. They didn't find any drugs, but they found my vaporizer, grinder, and rolling papers. The campus security didn't take my grinder, rolling papers, or vaporizer because there was no drugs or resin on. The RA took the vaporizer because she said its not allowed. But I know she trying to test it to find out what it is (yeah RA's are dumb lol)

    1. Did she have the right to take it???
    2. Do I have my right to get it back???
    3. What others actions can I take to get it back???

    Pleaseee help me with this problem!!!!!!
  2. You're asking if you have legal rights to get back your illegal paraphernalia? Yeah good luck with that.
  3. Yes
    Buy a new one
  4. no residue in grinder or vape? :confused:
  5. its seems like have no rights at all
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    Vaporizers have multitudes of legitimate uses. Some upscale restaurants use them to prepare food, such as by vaporizing woodchips/herbs to infuse the flavour in steamed dishes.

    Some vaporizers, like the Extreme Q, include a potpourri attachment for legitimate aromatherapy use.

    Vaporizers are also used as a healthier way to smoke tobacco, which is legal. (There is a lot of info online about this.)

    I suggest you get your ducks in a row and print out the legitimate-use information listed on the vaporizer's website. Show the school that it has legitimate uses, and openly complain that the RA took your property despite the fact that the campus security had left it in your possession because it did not violate any rules.

    I think you have a case, should you decide to pursue it.

    Here is one page detailing vaporizer uses in the kitchen (Google more resources):
    VOLCANO Vaporizer - Professional cooks and chefs de cuisine are using the Volcano for the aromatization of food

    They may decide to keep it anyway, in which case, consider it a small price to pay for avoiding a lot of trouble.

  7. First. Thankfully your in the clear for not getting in trouble or anything.

    Second. Fuck that Vape, you just caught a break
  8. RA probably took it to use for herself.....WHAT A BITCH!!!! D:<

    on the contrary,

    nice break! ;)
  9. There was no drug residue... in your grinder?
  10. [quote name='"redchrons"']You're asking if you have legal rights to get back your illegal paraphernalia? Yeah good luck with that.[/quote]

    Lulz. Plus Im sure the campus has policy against possessing paraphernalia on campus.
  11. All three of those items are sold for other purposes too.

    Rolling papers is definitely not a big deal because they're used for cigarettes.

    Vaporizer, though it has other uses, is gonna be hard to convince them it's not for weed.
  12. Nah just forget about it, if you went to get it back they'd have eyes on you for sure.. "please I need this for vaping weed..I mean aroma therapy"

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