Got my card yesterday!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by OODA, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. VERY happy, I was supprised how easy and quick it was.

    Smoked my first legal bowl, I gotta say.....non legal smokers you dont know what your missing!

    Medical herb is so dooope its such a clean high

    edibles soon anyone have any reccomendations?
  2. Well, what is your condition if you don't mind me asking
  3. buy me some edibles =], stay in that inland empire
  4. I have adhd (i really don't but my real doctor thinks I do and diagnosed) and medical files to back it up, paid $150 for it.

    its legit
  5. lol.. i have ADHD and receiving medication for it.. but i dont take it of course because i dont like pills.. if i told them that and im 18 years old you think they would give me a medical card? i can just tell them that i smoke marijuana illegal and it works better then the pills.. lol..
  6. Umm #1 you don't actually have ADD/ADHD. #2, I truly DO NOT believe that ADD/ADHD should even be considered for medical marijuana, every kid has ADD/ADHD according to Doctors, so whatever.
  7. How much is that legal shit anyway?
  8. i got my card yesterday. in san diego (university heights) for $60. and then i hit up a few dispensaries. i have to agree. until you've smoked a legal bowl OR walked into a dispensary in a regular strip mall with a dentists office next door you do not know what youre missing

    EDIT: my condition is epilepsy and related insomnia. weed truly helps for seizures and now i can throw away my sleeping pills that make me feel like a zombie in the mornings
  9. i assume you are referring to the marijuana. it ranges between $10-$20 per gram for buds usually. then they're hash... and edibles... and clones... and pills. and pre rolled joints. its usually slightly more expensive than where i buy on the street but the quality is a lot better and seems much more dependable.
  10. Are you going to grow too?
  11. congratulations, thanks to scum bags like you, people who actually are suffering from much more severe cases in non-medical states, are having to wait to get their cards due to laws preventing people like you from getting them.

  12. FUCK THAT if the doctors and laws says that he can have it then why not take advantage of it
  13. ^ see why do you have to name call? you're going to tell me if you had a chance to get a med card yourself you wouldn't do it because you feel bad about all the people who are waiting? I personally don't five 2 shits about anyone else. So yea, i'd hop on a chance to get a mmj card in a heartbeat. Whether it affects anyone else really doesn't bother me
  14. Hater :rolleyes: We live in America if you don't like the rules do something about it! Get active in reforming marijuana laws in your state.
  15. Hey. I have ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression and the fuck if I'm going to take those pharms that have many side effects and cause life-long dependancy.

    Even if he doesn't have ADHD, he would still probably get addicted to the stimulants they prescribe. Weed as we all know is a lot less addicting than speed. Lets not have another speed-head out there.

    I hate how these docs(salesmen,really) prescribe me these drugs with shitty side-effects, but, when I tell them how much better and safer weed is they don't want to listen, telling me it's bad for your lungs and illegal(duh). Big Pharma wants us to give in to being a life-long benign addict//
  16. what was the point of getting that card when the new laws bout to pass
  17. dont be pissed at somebody for taking advantage of the situation. quit being such a hater and chill out.
  18. people fake shit to get pills and just sell them. so theyres plenty of people fucking up everything for everyone. also people fake shit to get pills because theyre junkies. him getting a medical weed card isnt hurting anyone.
  19. Is it true that in Cali doctors dont really ask too many questions. From what I heard you just pay like $150 find some condition that you have (even something like insomnia), the doctor then asks you a few questions about your "condition" and BAM you get a card. I am not saying you should cheat the system, but if you don' have any conditions pot can be used for over all health/happiness.
  20. you know just about anyone can get medical pot. without having a card. :eek:

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