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Got my Card Today!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by pitbull303, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Im so stoked.....I went and got my card today and went in to the dispensary for the very first time....a little advice if youve never been to a dispensary before bring a extra pair of pants cuz your gonna nut all over the place....I was in pure heaven
    LOVE THE 303!
  2. hahaha
    I can't wait til the day I get my card.
    Hopefully soon.
  3. nice dude!

    which dispensary did you go to?

    there are so many to choose from lol. and more and more opening daily!
  4. I went to the dispensary up in Northglenn in the Garland center...I forget the name...Good folks up there for sure I had a good convo with the owner and the head grower in charge they are good people. Go pay em a visit
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    im not trying to be an ass, but there are much better places to go.

    i got my card there to : )

    edit: maybe they stepped up their game since the time i was there. but when i was there, they had shitty weed, and shitty prices.

    double edit: check out mile high wellness off hampden and 25. i been digging there afgooey....its something else how crystally that shit is!

    and now that your legal, stop by peace in medicine center and use there volcano!!!!!!
  6. hahaha nice....that makes me that much more excited about it all I think I was just more excited about the idea and the thought of where and what I was doin...It was the shit Im sure there are some sweet spots out there....ill find em im gonna hit everything till I find my spot...The owner up there was tellin me about how he was tryin to open up a amsterdam style smoke lounge but the city denied him and told him to come back in 6 months.....know of any smoke style spots to go with good people chillin bic? thats what im lookin for a nice mellow stony place to go and network with fellow stoners/growers/venders/owners....Im jumpin balls deep in to this industry this shit is booming out here
  7. Atleast 5 new places with big ads in the westword this month.
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    the only place that i know where you can actually smoke at is peace in medicine center in downtown. once your a member(does not require sigining them as your caregiver) then your free to just drop by and use it whenever, you dont even have to buy from them,.

    they said they are expanding into the building next to them, and are adding a chill area, along with a bakery. so be on the lookout for that!

    my mother goes to a hairstylist downtown, and he is also a caregiver! he was telling my mom all about it! i guess him and his brother are saving to open up the first spot like you described, a place to chill vaporize, and get edibles. he was hoping in a year to have it open.

    if that guy got denied but told to come back in 6 months....thats epic!!!!! cant wait till spots like that open up!!

    i totally have the same mind set as you, im jumping in balls deep dude!

    it really sucks that i cant grow where i currently live, but that will all change come december
  9. That's awesome!! Can't wait til I get mine....hopefully soon man, I'm jonesin' bad.
    Where are you all located?? Must be Cali, 'cause it sure as hell ain't Vermont!! Would be nice to have all that stuff here as well. It's been legal here for a while now but no one talks about it or gives you recommendations...nothing! Would be nice to hear & see those places here like I said!!

    If anyone knows & would speak to me about

    Appreciate it! :eek:
  10. colorado man
  11. Now that you have legal you should try all the crazy stuff like space cake and buddah fingers and the spiked lemonaid! I wish dealers sold that stuff lol. Fuck the east coast :(
  12. Nice man, I just got mine the other day so I know how you feel. It's a whole new many different strains to choose from, and IDK about where you are but here in cali we have vapor lounges and stuff...:eek:

  13. What do you mean Fuck the East Coast...cause their a bunch of bigoted idiots and bleeding hearts who can't get their head out of their butt and fricken legalize the stuff correctly?? :D they need a bunch of docs from Cali here!! not one here will do anything except up the Morphine....yeah, love that crap. I'd rather smoke! :smoking: preferably all the time....pain is constant so it helps quite a lot. only thing I need is a damn doctor here in Northern VT to sign the paperwork!!
  14. I wanna fucking live in cali

  15. im vacationing in in van nuys i soon as i figure out how to get a card when your from out of state
  16. I am in much more beautiful COLORADO!

  17. Don't spend too much time thinking about it, you cannot get a card in California if you are not a state resident.
  18. I hear ya man. I probably go twice a week on average (I love buying small samples of new stuff all the time). It never gets old - it's better then being a kid in a candy store!
  19. it is like being in a candy store!!!! i fucking love it!

    edit: how long after you mailed in your information to the state did it take for you to receive your actual card in the mail?

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