Got my car stolen 2 day into a family trip to NYC..........FUCK!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Rochelimit, May 27, 2009.

  1. So Memorial Day i decide to pack up with the family, drive to NYC (My hometown) and visit my Nana on 161st in the Bronx. I took my Nana shopping and couldn't find parking at on the grand concourse, so i parked behind the street (you know the street with the big white buildings behind Grand Concourse) and i go there today..............and its gone. FUCK!!! Called NYC dice, NYPD dice.....FUCK!!!! it's later in the day and now im calling a number that the NYPD gave me when I reported it stolen the first time..........NOBODY IS FUCKING ANSWERING......FUUUUK!!!!

    I know that any car with out of state plates is a prime target, but damn......just damn.....:(:mad:

    all this and no bud......FUCK!!!
  2. Shit that sucks bro, I hope you get it back.
  3. That really sucks.

    Would make it even worse if it was new.

    Good luck on getting it back!
  4. You'll get it back.

    I remember when my cousin truck was stolen by fucking dumbass teens. Well in the truck, it was fully loaded with hunting rifle, other guns and decoy ducks. So the police had make that into a prime target. Later that night, it was return from the same dumbass teens and left. I bet he was like, :eek: holy shit, what did I do.
  5. Indeed youll get it back no doubt man.. it may take a bit but youll get it
  6. That really.... sucks. haha.

    I'd be pumped if someone jacked my car... tinted out Impala, gotta be a prime target... cuz then i can buy a brand new car with the insurance money! ;)

  7. 161st? So like, right by yankee stadium? Yea somebody tried to steal my uncles SUV a few years back rite there, but it had a good alarm and onstar or whatever so i guess it scared em away... the car wouldnt start back up though because of some security thing, we almost got stuck right outside one of the parking garages for the night.

    That really sucks man, sucks the yankees didnt have homegames - security woulda been tighter and you probably would have been fine... i guess the only thing to do now is call insurance...

    i bet you can find bud though pretty easily if you want too, your car is probably in one of those strip shops on jerome ave right now though:eek::( sorry dude,
  8. post your tag and GC will roam the streets and find your car.
  9. best advice so far. :hello:
  10. damn that sucks u should call dog the bounty bet he can help you out..haha

  11. Yeah bro it was a block past the courthouse on Concourse village west and 159th. This place has really gone to shit IMO. Crime isn't as bad as it was in the late 80's and early 90's, but with them tearing the the OG Yankee stadium, this place has lost it's magic. Im not going to lie, I fucking hate the city now. I think most of the cops we dealt with slid down the evolutionary ladder at least 2 or 3 rungs.

    Cop: so I see there are two people on the title.
    My Girl: yes, my mother is the primary owner and I was the co-signer
    Cop: but there's two addresses......
    My Girl: yeah I moved out and mine is the information at the address in herndon.
    Cop: you can do that?

    so yeah it's a day later and no dice, so im sure it's in pieces on Jerome. I just wanna know what the fuck does anybody want with a hundai accent?!?!?:confused::confused:
  12. ironic how we bitch about our government's laws on weed then we rely on them to help us in times of need.
  13. Ha! that rhymes!!

    yeah but when you grow or smoke who's the victim? Marijuana is a victimless crime (unless you involve yourself with the black market in which case you reap what you sow.) How is theft a victimless crime?
  14. ^this. There's a big difference to me smoking a bit of herb for my enjoyment vs if I were to steal Rochelimit's car off 159th. I don't think anybody here advocates total anarchy. Most of the laws in action are pretty sensible and logical.
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    indeed sir! + rep sir! I am believer in Karma, so "they/he/she" will eventually get theirs, but it's the principle (or "principalities" as big worm would say).
  16. *sigh* ok folks good news!!! Im an Idiot. so it was parked at 158th not i was looking in the wrong a retard i know so let the ridiculing begin......i've already gotten it from most of the family so its your turn GC......

    Sadly, i wasn't even smoking, so i have no excuse......Damn, just damn....
  17. Haha that's awesome so your cars fine and you were just a block down the wrong street? I bet you did get some shit from your family for that one. :hello:

  18. DUMB ASS :eek:!
    BUT FOR REAL im GLADE YOU GOT YOUR CAR BACK... that would suck to lose your mode of moving.
  19. hahaha well at least you got your car back. I wouldn't mind someone stealing my car, its a pos and then I would get a new one!
  20. ^ this

    *hangs head in shame*

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