Got my buddha, tips would be great.

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    I finally got my DVB, and I'd appreciate a little advice getting it right with the temperature and whatnot. I read the guide but it's pretty basic and to be honest not very good.

    I need more guidance, more specific guidance. And the reason I am asking for guidance is because I did actually use it, and it worked well in terms of getting me high but I used a decent amount of weed in there, enough to pack a joint which would also get me blazed.

    I have tried to read here and on fuckcombustion, and there isn't really much info on using it, but I read that some guys get like 20+ hits off a 0.25g bowl? I load around 0.2 and I get like... maybe four hits before it's all completely brown.

    So what's the technique? I put it on full, get everything ready, then turn it to around 2 o'clock, take two or 3 hits, then stir it, turn it up to 3 o'clock and get one or 2 more and that's it. I tried vaping at 12 o'clock because I saw someone mention they only vape from 12-1:30, but I got pretty much nothing off that, I have to turn it to like 2 to get a nice hit..

    What do you guys start off vaping at, how often do you turn it up and stir it? I Know it's by feel and depends on how big the bowl is but just throw some number at me so I have an idea. Because 20+ hits vs 4 is a big difference. I am drawing air petty slowly, and at the settings I have it I can pretty much inhale as much vapor as I can and that gets me a good hit.

    Also, how much time do you have to wait for it to change temperature after you turn the knob? For example just from max to 2 o'clock, do you just turn it down and vape or do you ahve to give it a minute to cool down to that temp? Same thing when heating up..

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