Got my bowl back.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by blazincaucasian, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Well, I bought a bowl a couple months ago and my dad found it. (was 17 at the time). He dosent care that I smoke, But I had just got busted so he took it. I understand why he did that, But then he told me he would give it back when my court stuff was over. Then when that was over he said he cant give it back to me because he has to be responsible, etc. (was 17)

    He gave it to his friend, which I didnt not know untill today. I was looking for the TV remote at said friends house, And lookie at what I found, my bowl.

    Its safe to say, I stole that shit back.

  2. Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha
  3. haha good shit, I think I'd just start hysterically laughing when I saw it. It's probably going to be pretty obvious that you stole it back but they might let it slide by agreeing that you didn't take it ;)
  4. Ha, I was thinking about that. Thing is I dont care if they know I stole it back, its my bowl.
    I wasent really laughing when I saw it, But I let out a "well you motherfucker" when I saw it lol.
  5. My dad stole a homemade bong and an eight of ak--47 and went off with his friends and smoked it all.....i was 16 at the time.
  6. Atleast it wasent a real bong. Sucks you lost that AK.
  7. UPDATE,

    bong was confiscated. haha. still got the spoons. really want a mini bubbler.

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