Got Mold, now what?

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  1. I went out of town on 9/28 and just got back today. Checked my girls and i've got a lot of mold on one and some mold on another and one without. I cut them down, but what do i do now?

    Can I pick through the buds that I dont' see mold on and dry them or are they all bad now? when I first looked i didnt' see the mold so I thought I had weathered the past rains ok but now i see that I do have it and don't know what to do with the plants.

  2. Well after further checking, all have mold to different degrees. So what are my options? I have a lot of buds and colas that don't appear to have mold, are they saveable or is everything ruined?

    It looks like i can cut out a lot of the moldy sections and still have some to salvage but I don't know if that's wise.

    What are my options from here?

    Hurry please, i have cut plants alll over the place and want to start processing but don't want to waste my time if they are all trashed now.

    Do I pick through them or just smoke a fatty and have a good cry?
  3. Come on guys! Can't somebody throw me a bone here?

    Cut out the moldy parts and dry the rest or is it all trash?
  4. My started to mold and I cut my down but it was also Cold 61F and we and raining every other day or soo.. (Northeast). If it starts to mold.. other will too.

    if there mold there bad buds.. I mean you can smoke them.. kinda taste different..

    picture would help too
  5. The moldy parts are garbage. However you can cut the mold out really carefully and then some, and the rest is good to smoke. Be careful not to smoke any of the mold though as it is bad for your health.
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    I have, unfortunately, smoked bud with mold on it when I was younger on two occasions, where I was aware after the fact that mold definitely was present.

    On both occasions I achieved a low-grade lung infection, nothing that required a doctor. But for about 2 weeks after each time, everything I ate and smoked tasted like hell, completely ruined everything I wanted to enjoy for those weeks.

    Remembering that now, it's NOT at all how I would want to spend my harvest celebration :)

    Those were just the two times I was positive, and knew for a fact I had smoked mold, with a 100% sick rate... nothing terribly definitive. But on maybe a handful of times after that, when smoking from other peoples bags whether they were bought or grown, I've had similar infections, probably from smoking undetected moldy weed.

    Could be coincidence, although I never get lung infections otherwise even when spending time near or around mold, and I have never had a lung infection, or been ill in any way, from smoking weed I grew myself and knew for a fact it was as clean as possible.

    So it seems to me, from my thankfully limited experience with moldy weed, that intentionally inhaling large doses will probably not be good for you :)

    Now this is just my body, and I know a few people personally who claim (probably foolishly, but it's not for me to prove them wrong) that they don't 'feel' anything bad when they smoke mold, so they don't turn down moldy bud like I do when it's offered. It's up to you really, but you know what your gut is telling you if you had to ask: that it's probably not a great idea.

    If more than 30%-40% of the bud on any given plant has visible, detectable mold, odds are the 'clean' looking areas unfortunately aren't safe either :( Usually once you have visible mold to that degree, the rest of the plant is covered in spores getting ready to become the above.

    I say specifically on 'any given plant', rather than 30-40% of your total harvest, because obviously if 30-40% of the whole crop itself is moldy, but it's just a few plants making up that entire percentage, and you have another few plants that are visibly mold free, those plants were probably somehow healthier than the rest, and due to their vigor, they were spared the infection if that makes sense. Plants have natural defenses against mold, even when it's present (say on a wall, or other nearby structure), but a sick plant will have weaker defenses, and easily succumb to illness.

    That being said, the best thing you can do for your moldy bud, would be to make some ISO or hot/fast cannabutter. Other extraction methods will likely not neutralize the mold or spores, so avoid other extraction options unless they similarly include heat and alcohol exposure.

    Smoking a bowl sounds like it should work safely... but only if you don't actually think about it.

    People assume; "oh, with smoking a bowl, you're lighting it on fire, that should kill it"... but remember, you are drawing the smoke through all the un-burned bud and spores in the base of that bowl pack, and molds that form under light exposure (ie. most of the kinds of molds that effect us) are unusually heat-resistant, particularly if you do what people call 'cornering' a bowl which draws only cool air though the un-charred bud.
    So those first few hits absolutely allow living spores to enter your system.. and yes, even through a bong =-P
  7. thx all.

    So what i decided to do is cut off all the moldy parts and toss them, not even gonna do an ISO too risky unless a chemist/biologist on here says it's ok.

    I plan to watch the buds dry real close for more mold growth while drying and if any toss them as well.

    It's my understanding that almost all bud will have inactive mold spores on it, just needs the right conditions to germinate and if those conditions don't occur then they stay inactive.

    I still had one plant outside that I cut off the moldy parts(of course they were in colas that musta weighed several oz's each wet) but better safe than sorry.
  8. Wow im so fucking scared of this happening to my crop :(
  9. Hey. Sorry bout the loss man.

    No. Its not OK to smoke.

    I have covered mold ie - smoking and storing it. Its in my pest sticky, I think somewhere in the last 6 pages. Hope it helps.

  10. Freak, are you saying that if I have mold on one part of a plant I should toss the whole thing?

    I spent a couple hours last night cutting out large sections of stem/bud above and below the moldy parts and tossing them, what's left is hanging to dry. I dam near dried the whole time but wanted to be on the safe side. But if I'm still on the dangerous side that suks BIG TIME.

    I still have a plant outside that is growing well, I cut three colas off it cause they had visible mold and I used the leaf blower trick on the plant this morning to help it dry.

    Do I have to throw out everything that was on the same plant that had mold or just the areas near the mold. As I said I removed large sections where ever there was sign of mold but is that not good enough? Your pest sticky did talk about the different molds but I didn't see what to do when finding mold, ie cut it out and keep the rest or toss.

    I plan to carefully clean and dry what's left and label it separate jsut in case I notice anything when smoking. It will break my heart to have to ditch it all but don't want to take chances if it's too risky. I mean I've cut the mold off cheese and eaten from other sections of it, isn't this the same thing?

  11. :eek: Trust me, you don't want that mold in your lungs!! Or your throat for that matter. I myself am alergic to molds. People have the wrong idea about mold, they think of the stuff on bread or in the shower,but the fact is that mold spores are micro. If you can see mold, there is alrealdy billion of spores you can't see. I'm cryin' for ya, Next Year, or indoor?
  12. Nope, Im not sayin that.

    Im not gonna butt in here cuz you have gotten some really excellent info from
    BadKittySmiles - she knows her shit real good too man.

    Youre in good hands. All the best.

  13. Actually, after reading her advice and researching killing mold with ISO I decided to clean it all then freeze and make iso hash with it.

    I had already removed any visible mold as well as a significant amount of clean from around the same areas. I then proceeded with the normal trimming and tomorrow will turn it all into iso hash. I don't know how much I'm gonna get but I've got about a qp that I'm gonna process.

    thanks for the help and advice.

  14. Please post pictures of your molded buds
  15. Alrighteeeee then.

    Good luck with thoze lungsa yourz :eek:.

  16. As requested, the saddest sight(except for only finding stumps one day)!

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  17. It looks like you have the same problem I had with a few buds, caterpillars. They get inside the bud and munch away and their excrements start the mold process.
  18. you don't need to throw anything away. qwiso
  19. Yah Moldy bud = Seperate drying area then butter. You kill 2 birds with one STONE (lol).
    First using moldy bud to make cannabutter will:

    1. Get you high

    2. Keep you healthy (Penicillin)
    Bah it's the wake n bake, I think I thought that people would think my thought was funny,, Peace

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