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Got Milk

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The_Joker, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. just another milk shot of my buddys new piece :smoke: DSCF0049.jpg
  2. lol @ skinny and a hollister
  3. lollister
    jk, nice bong. You have a good friend :D
  4. You're skinny as fuck my man, nice rip though.
  5. you all rip on clothes like hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, and with good reason. I don't disagree, but they do serve their purpose. I get away with most of the things I get away with simply because I don't look the part haha.

    nice rip/piece
  6. wow, thats awesome :hello:
  7. Yo im skinny because I have Crohn's disease and for the shirt its just a shirt, I dont think I have ever been to a Hollister store anyways.
  8. aye, the fucker may be small but i know his lung capacity dwarf`s most of yours. hahaha
  9. aaa prep clothes nah nice Toke tho hahah .p.s. i fuckin hate AE and shit like that who pays like 70 bux for a fukin sirtHAHAHAHA funny ppl:hello::p
  10. C'mon guys

    They're just clothes


    Nice milk+bong dude.
  11. Nice milk and hollister is sweet too.:)
  12. MMMM MMMMM. that milk looks might tastly
  13. Awesome milk, and i don't give a shit what you wear just as long as you smoke! I'm skinny too but just because my metabolism is that of a super heroes. Also shirts at hollister aren't generally $70...

  14. YES! i don't look like a "stoner girl" so no one ever suspects it. :D
  15. Get your money up. Ha

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