got lots of room to move around the plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. hey guys i stayed up most of the night last night to check for heat build up and everything is fine because inside my grow rooom there is an attic door that i open when i feel its to warn cool air come's out the attic and fresh air blowes in the room from the door i get into the grow room from.
    just wondering i think i may have 2 males im not tottally sure yet so i want to know how long can a male plant stay in the room befor it fuck's my females?

    and is it posable for me to put 5 or 10 more seedlings in there i have a small shellf i can put them on so there at the same level as the top of the big plants so there all getting the same amount of light the reason i want to start 5 or 10 more under 12/12 is because my mom wants me not to grow anymore weed in here she said i can start a few for outdoors then nomore indoor for a lil while she's scared im going to get bucted and go to jail

    but anyway here r my main questions
    how long does it take for a male to fucka female
    and can i put 6 more seedlings under the 400 watt with my other plants and will they still grow good and fast on 12/12 till i can put them outside?plz awnser fast
  2. youll no long before the pollen sacks burst if its a male or not you can put the seedlings in there just make sure they are further away from the light than your older plants ya dont want to burn them up if you can get them more than 12/12 though even if its a little fluoro
  3. If the male has pollen releasing and the female has her white hairs open, its a done deal. Those hairs will be seedy, but if not all the hairs are out, you still have time to remove the male before the entire female is fucked.
  4. the new seedlings will not be big enough to go onto 12/12.....unless you are willing to let the first plants get quite big or top them a lot.....Peace out....Sid
  5. how about puttin the seedlings in the flowering room while the light is on the taking them out when the light is of and putting them elsewhere that is lit however brightly so they stay in veg. then when u wanna move them outside u can.

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