got leaf problem. .

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  1. I'm n 3rd wk of bloom an 2 of 12 blue dream have curled leaves from top to bottom an a lot have gone brittle an fell off..but all other girls r Ok...I ve been growing for over 10yrs never had this problem..need sum advice. ..please
  2. flush them if the leaves do not seem to lack nutrient. Might have too much salts in pots.

    P.S. Let all the excess water out
  3. They are in cubes..
  4. But i will flush why Did only those two act up?everything gets the same stuff..
  5. No these 2 r n stacked cubes 4x4 on top,6x6 on bottom they r in wk3 startin wk4 on weds...isn't it to late to transplant..because if putn them a pot with sum happy frog or fox farm will fix the problem Ima do it...

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