got jumped at work

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  1. i didnt think the cops were coming. noone was around. the cops came there the next day at work and i filed a report then. just told them i got my money stolen and beaten with a bat. not tryin to tell them he stole a 20 bag of mids from me.

  2. Well doesn't that just make sense.

    Gun laws benefit criminals and criminals alone.
  3. thats why i always carry a blade.

    that, and if sumhow i find the fucker who came up with the soggy waffle idea, i can stab him

  4. I always carry a little knife on me when I carry shit of value. It's not big or strong enough to kill someone, but if you try jumping me you'll end up with a few deep cuts. They might've known that you'd have bud/cash on you and took the chance for a free smoke.
  5. what goes around comes around.they get what they deserve.hopefully the weedthey stole was laced with coke and thye endup become adicts and fucking up there lives even more then they probably have
  6. Main i laugh at these fools that say they keep a blade on em.

    Unless ya got a 12 inch butcher knife or better ***** please.

    Stab me with your lil 2-3 inch swiss army knife and ill knock you the fuck out playa.

    Im super cautious with shit, Never jump in the whip at night without lookin aorund good and checkin the backseat what not so nobody pops up on me.
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    no no no, this is definately a glock .45 situation. Then again, dont listen to me, next time they come around write love on a sticky and put it on there backs. j/k man that really sucks to hear. No but seriously, If you were my homie I'd help you out with a first aid kit and help you seek revenge.

    woah...:smoking:.... stay up.....
  8. that will probably be the knife that gets your throat cut. I carry a tazer, 8x the power of the police tazer and 100% legal. well 99% legal:devious:

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