got jumped at work

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  1. well i thought today was gonna be ok. i clocked in at 4:20, and worked my work. when i got off tho, 2 jackasses with a baseball bat ran out of the woods next to my car in the parkinglot and BAM! right in the back of the knee then proceeded to clock me. i tried to get up but his buddy with the baseball bat was right behind me. so fuck it...the fuck am i spose to do now? they took all my cash and the few g's of bud left i take to smoke at work every day.

    now what exactly possesses people to assault other random people?
    beware of morons.
  2. Oh shit dude sorry to hear that. Everytime i leave work at like 1 in the morning i always think so drunk asshole is gonna try to rob me. That shit fucking blows. Hows the knee by the way?
  3. it hurts. nothin broken or anything, just bruised real bad. nothin a lil mj wont sooth.:smoke:
  4. Carry a switchblade.. :D
  5. Carry a .40cal..

    Bear Arms
  6. yeah i work in pg county md. so i probably should stay strapped. if my coworkers were there they woulda kicked his ass. i work with a bunch of huge black dudes with criminal records.
  7. Unfortunately, in Maryland, it's close to impossible to get a permit to carry a gun.
  8. Just carry a chainsaw thats what i alawys do
  9. ^^yea thats always worked for me too.
  10. [​IMG]

    But seriously, that is fucking lame. People are dirtbags.
  11. carrry a shank dude, next time this shit happens get 'em in the fuckin throat
  12. That sucks dude... I try to always cary a blade just in case...
  13. Dude that sucks bro. Just think you was lucky cuz they didnt shoot you or stab you. Dude im going to light up a blunt just for you brah!..

    Dude maybe 1 month ago I got peacefully jumped with a friend of mine while walking to my dealers block. They stole my blunt wrap and my friends 10 dollars. We ended up not coppin and walked to my friends house but with no weed :eek:. Luckily he still had 2 1/2 blunts of Dry Cali Kush still left over from the 1/4 we copped the other day(cost was 100. dryed perfectly, it crumbled in my hand. we split it with 4 people. i got like 9grams.:D)random story im blasted off of midz... AHHHH MY FRIEND IS SMOKING THE BLUNT AND HES HITTING A SEED. SMELLS HORRIBLE!!! well its my turn now..:cool:
  14. I hope you didn't have much money on you and I hope that was some shitty weed. Sucks when guys like that make off with some good stuff, they don't deserve shit.

    Be careful, don't carry more than you're willing to lose.
  15. Don't worry man, stay strong.

    They will get theirs...
  16. we dont have to worry about that in florida... everyone is strapped here
  17. i work with a bunch of huge black dudes with criminal records.[/quote]

    why do people think these thing matter/are worth bringing up

    i work with a bunch of huge nutbars, would have worked just as good imo
  18. oh u in murdaland cuz u probly got alot of blood out there they probly did it..fuck them slobs
  19. You got peacefully jumped? Sounds.. peaceful?

    And how'd you cap a 1/4, and end up with 9 grams after splitting it amongst 4 people?

    OP: That fuckin' sucks. Did you fill out a report, or decide to skip the whole cop process?

  20. hell yea, get you a concealed carry permit, if you dont do it the legal way your just gonna get in trouble with the law

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