Got into my first car crash...

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  1. A simple drive home from Tim Hortons to grab a coffee, just a block away from home... Of course it had to be a huge fucking crash too. Was making a left on a green, guy in opposite lane let me go because traffic was built up but this dumb bitch tried going into the space the guy made to cut him off for whatever reason and bam the front of her car got mangled, my cars front right bumper got completely ruined but still drivable. The worse part is I just bought the car brand new 2014 Chevrolet cruz with just under 5000 clicks.

    It happened to fast, I was so dazed that I didn't even brake the car after the hit to stop it from moving, kept going... over the curb until someones fence stopped it. I stayed in the car for about 30 seconds just staring straight with my mouth open. I then opened my car door, got out and all I could manage to say or yell actually was "FUCK!" at the top of my lungs.... For about two minutes I just paced around the street then I realized the chick in the car didn't get out and her air bag was deployed so I went to her car and she was good just as dazed as I was.

    When we both came to our senses she was a complete bitch. I called the cops and she actually told me she didn't believe me that I called. I showed her my phone and it clearly shows the last call was to the cops and she still questioned it. Then when my cousin arrived to look at the damages she told me to stop talking and call a tow truck. This woman was honestly the biggest bitch I have ever had the displeasure of meeting and of course I had to meet her in a car crash. So I just snapped, told her to do it her fucking self. Asked her why she was a fucking idiot to cut off the guy that made the space for me to turn WHEN THERE WAS NO FUCKING WHERE FOR HER TO DRIVE BECAUSE TRAFFIC WAS FUCKING BACKED UP ANYWAY!

    Anyway, I'm fully at fault because whoever turns is at fault no matter what. My car is going to take two weeks to get repaired and I'm stuck driving a shitty old Corolla as a rental. Oh and the best part? I asked for a triple triple they gave me a regular. The whole ordeal and I didn't even end up getting the right coffee.

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    You would have the majority of fault, but I would not say you were fully at fault. Given the circumstances, I could see your adjusters splitting liability 51/49 (or something close to that). You being the majority, of course. She did exercise a fair bit of negligence leading up the accident. But that's just my opinion based on the facts at this time. The adjusters will conduct their own investigation. (Sorry, I work for an insurance carrier. Lol)

    At least nobody was seriously injured, though. I was in a car accident (as a passenger) when I was 19 and died on the table in the ER for about 1 minute. Had broken my right hip, pelvis in three places, concussion, and six stitches on my right eyebrow. My oldest son was born three weeks later. I could have never had the chance to meet him.

    As for your coffee, that's fucked up. All of this and you didn't even get what you ordered. I'd be complaining for a replacement. :p

    Edit: on top of my almost dying and the tremendous pain I was in at the ER, I was also "fortunate" to learn that I'm allergic to iodine. -_-
  3. Daaaaaaaaayum OP


    Id be mad as fuckn hell if that happened to me

    You need a fat joint or bowl or whatever your preferred smoking method is!
  4. That sucks ass man. I hit a deer like a week and a half ago with my 2014 ford fusion and my car is still at the fucking shop. I hate not having my own car
  5. Sorry to here about that man. I hate it when people have to pull up behind the next person and not leave space. It's like, 10 feet isn't gonna get you there any faster, and you're just wasting everyone else's time and potentially putting others in danger. Guess shit like that just happens sometimes. Wishing you a speedy recovery op and sending positive vibes your way. If I wasn't broke as hell I'd also send an once of some good kush :)
  6. women behind the wheel fuckin terrify me
  7. I ran over an elderly couple once.
  8. I passed this stupid, bitch that was going,10 miles under the speed limit, she freaked out honking and,swerving all over the road when i blew past her, about a mile down the road this same bitch rear ends me at a stop sign!! I got out and went to approach and,this psycho jumps out of the car, like 8 months pregnant wielding a machete!!!! Coming at me shrieking that i did that on purpose and sayin "ill kill you motherfucker" telling me to get back dont come near her or she would slash me, i pulled back my coat and reached for my pistol she ran,screaming for help saying that IM crazy and jumed back in the car and,drove off! I got the tag # and made a report, am waiting to hear back from the PD.

    I believe their are psychotic people among us every day that should be locked up and evaluated , who is enabling thiese people to carry on their insanity out in public every day? They must have family or neighbor that is aware? This bitch obviously hit me intentionally, that comes at me with a fuckin machete!?? I've seen this type before, they do something fucked up and when witnesses/ police show up they are all in hysterics saying they were the victim! Im curious to see how this turns out, i have a,suspicion this woman's going to try and say i was,some maniac speeding and cut her off then,tried to,assault her with a firearm
    , ive,seen this type of sociopath behavior before, they all operate the same way.
  9. I hate when people like and worst part is it was a brand new car!
    Shit new cars have good insurance and warrantys so who's fucking cares
    Shit you crash my rx7 and that's the worst fucking part because it is almost irreplaceable.
    I hate dumb clueless bitch ladies like that I can see them from 1000ft away when I'm driving

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