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    Never use a middle man. Even they can run off with the money/bud. Make sure that you could even trust him. But why use a middle man. Does "Troy" know this dealer and not you. Troy hooks you up?

    Man I'm sorry to hear that. But let me tell you my story then give you my advice!!! =]
    Same to yours but a little different.

    That happened to me once I first started smoking. It was a nice sunny day with a cool breeze. It was nice. My friend Steve was trying to hook me and my friend Danny [long lost friend now lol] we had $70 tho. Not a lucky "$100"
    But I use to always go with Steve...but this time he said to wait up at the party store [blue dog party store] on the corner. So me and Danny chilled there for so long. We see Steve at the entrance of my sub division. We walk twords him [to see if he had our bud] He was waving to us to "get back" and go the other way. So we did. Later he walked up to us. We thought he had it. But he was looking for a pay phone to call his guy up. So I gave him change to call his guy. He walks over to the movie store. Still telling us to wait there...But me and Danny were kinda suspicious. But not cared that much. He was gone. We have our little walk over to the pay phone. We see a K-9 unit. We were like "What the f*ck?!"
    We seen some kids I knew in my area and asked:

    "Hey did you see anyone get arrested here?"

    They Replied

    "No man, what happened?"

    I told them the story and how we think he got busted. Me and Danny walk to my house.
    Chilled out. I was freakin because Steve was a good friend of mine. I didn't want anything to happen to him. We got a phone call.
    It was STEVE!!! I talk to him. He said we got ripped off and the bud was fake
    He said this:

    "It's stringy, you can tell its fake I walked to a house near by to smoke some with a friend that lives near by you.[He never threw down on this] So we checked it and it was stringy, and burned out throats. Sorry dude."

    Now Steve is a cool guy, but I always had this feeling in my gut. That I could not trust him. Well...until this point because it seemed like he pulled that out of his ass.
    Danny went home later that day. I called Steve all day at his house/cell number. Keep asking:

    "Did you rip me off?!!!"

    He keep saying no...Then I called really late that night. [like around 10-11PM]
    This was my last call. I called and a girl picked up she says:

    Girl: "Hello?"

    Me: "Hey, is Steve there?"

    Girl: "Steve?"

    Me: "Yeah he there?"

    *Laughter/talking in the background* [like if a group of kids were smoking down]

    Girl: "No, Steve died."

    Me: "Steve did is not dead, let me talk to him!!!"

    I think we said bye or one of us just hanged up.
    Then I get a phone call back 5 minutes later.

    Me: "What?!"

    Steve: "Hey! Why do you have to talk to my friend like that?"

    Me: "Because I'm not playing f*cking games! You ripped me off! Admit it!"

    Steve: "No I didn't!"

    He ask the people there:
    "Hey did I rip him off?!"

    Background people that I don't even know:

    Steve: "See I'm not lying, don't call me a lier."

    Me: "Whatever it was nice known you."

    I hung up...Talked to him a few times after this happened. After short year or 2. Now we are straight. We sometimes get drunk and high and shit. Chill out...but it's rare. Never really do it. But I will never buy from him again.

    My advice:

    1.) Never have a "middle man" It's bad for him. Or even the middle man can rip you off like me. [Even tho I only threw down $5 out of the $70 and I was the keeper of the bud so yeah...I like that job if you catch MY DRIFT lmfao haha. =D]

    2.) Do the work yourself, buy it my be smarter with your bud and money if you are more experienced with "You know what you are doing when you buy"

    3.) ONLY BUY FROM PEOPLE YOU KNOW! Strangers Is a bad thing. They will rip you off for sure. I buy from closer friends. I get alot of bud free [because im known of the nice guy in my area so I have great respect] . One time I paid $15 for an 8er and onetime I bought this HUGE bag that was like 1 and a 1/2 soft balls for $70.

    4.) Like I mentioned be respectful to your dealers. They will respect you with extra bud sometimes by hooking you up FAT!!!

    5.) Be safe.

    Please smoke responsibly.

  2. Shit Spelled "Hustled" Wrong. Oh well.
  3. did you just ask for rep lol
  4. Not to rag on you or anything because I understand you're a new member to this site. but..

    1. Don't ever ask for rep. Earn it like the rest of us. Asking for rep = ban

    2. What do you mean 1 and 1/2 softballs. I really hope you're not using that as some type of measurement for the amt. of bud you got.
  5. i guess i got it coming cuz ive never been ripped off or hustled

  6. Thanks for helping the new guy.
  7. Oh for part two of your of your reply. No I got a scale. It weighed out to about 1 and 1/4 ounce. Over here in Michigan. Thats good for $70.
  8. Yeah man never ask for rep. Bad form. But somebody already told you that so its fine.

    My story isn't about getting hustled for weed, but for oxy.

    I was trying to buy some 160's, for my first time.

    The little bitch dealer gave me viagra.

    That sucked.

  9. AHAHAHAHAahaha... That's funny shit... That's why I don't buy pills! :p

    To the OP... Dude you got ripped off bad ... It sounds like he was making a fool of you in front of a lot of people.. I would of definitely gotten even,, I hope you did..

    Always, always try your best to avoid the middle man. Doesn't do you any good... Unless of course you can't find a good connect yourself.
    dude that sucks.
    U live in North Van?
  11. Dude its alright to use a middle man if you don't have a direct hookup just don't pay for any shit in advance and you'll be good cause when you give someone money ahead of time they start thinking about how u couldn't do shit if they lied and just keep the money and say they got robbed or soem shit
  12. you only lost 5 dollars and you got that mad? who cares about 5 bucks
  13. No dude. I got other people that I was trying to hook up.
    (like about 4-5 people)

    So I really didn't care that much.

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