got hit by a car today

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  1. me and my friend were skating up this road really baked and i dont hear and car and thers no cars coming so i went into the other lane and got hit by this car passing me, i basically just almost fell over not realizing what just happened it was crazy, i was like "holy shit!" looking to see if i was like brutally wounded, but i didnt even have a scratch on me like nothing was hurt at all, too baked to explain ny more

  2. ahah crack up shit. bloody skaters lol
  3. good thing the driver didnt slam on his brakes, swerve to miss you, and kill a family of four

    that's always a buzzkill
  4. Unless it's the O'Doyle family.

    Then it's hilarious.
  5. that was a stupid fucking thing to do. if the car killed you, the driver would have been fucked for life because of you. think twice before you do something like that
  6. well arent you the picture of kindness

    hey that driver should be more attentive to pedestrians i mean cmon whos gonna win if you two played chicken and neither of you bailed?
  7. O'doyle rules!
  8. Fuck you! O'Doyle Rules!

    aww I tried giving you more rep, but I must have rep'd you for something else.
  9. *****, what the fuck is an O'doyle?! :D

  10. Skateboarders aren't pedestrians. They aren't even people.
  11. um dude... skateboarders are pedestrians according to u.s. law... so if you thinkthey arent people i wanna know what your smoking...
  12. [ame=]YouTube - O'Doyle Rules![/ame]
    from the movie billy madison

  13. I think you need to check the laws again. Regardless of the situation, you cannot get in trouble for running over a skateboarder in the United States.
  14. yes you can... it can be considered man slaughter... stop treating skaters like they are all horrible people cause you cant be one of em...

  15. You sound like a retard right now. Do you even live in America? Manslaughter? Seriously dude?

    The laws are pretty clearly stated, and they've been backed up countless times by the courts.
  16. my friend got hit by a car and the driver was charged with attempted manslaughter i was a witness im pretty sure i know about this and yes i live in america

  17. Please explain why you think this...
  18. Yeah I dont really like skaters but they have to be ped's....I really wanna see some proof on this haha. I didnt even know I could play frogger with skaters :eek:
  19. Really?

    The Court concluded, "Thus when the ordinary and grammatical meaning of the word 'pedestrian' is considered in light of the object and scheme of the TSA and the intention of the Legislature, it is our view that it must include persons on skateboards and similar devices."
  20. your awesome!

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