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Got High On My Own For The First Time Yesterday - Still Feeling It Now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Espinho, Jun 10, 2013.

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    I made a thread a few days ago about how I have smoked and had a bad experience each time at a party.

    Last night I decided to smoke on my own for the first time ever. So I rolled a joint (without tobacco which is a first). I can't smoke at home as I don't want my parents find out. So I went for a walk in some nearby fields. I smoked the whole thing I felt a bit sick but it didn't feel like it was doing anything.

    On the way home it started to hit me badly. It's hard to explain but it feel like I was floating as I walked and it was like I was in a bubble. When I got home I was so paranoid. Went straight into by bedroom and I remember moving around really slowly to avoid making too much noise lol. Every sound was amplified. I switched on the TV and watched QI and took amusement to almost everything that was said on there. The whole time everything was really hazy and dream like.

    I was led on my bed for 5 hours sleeping. Woke up had stuff to eat and then fell back asleep. I woke up this morning at 8 so I was led on my bed sleeping for 12+ hours lol.
    I still feel light headed now and I'm not sure why. Was my weed laced in anything or am I just being paranoid? My room has a really potent smell of weed at the moment despite me stashing it in a glass jar under several layers!
  2. I dunno if you're just feeling light headed doesn't sound like your high, probably just an after effect from the day before, I'm always more relaxed etc the day after smoking.
  3. Prbably right man. Last night was something else - never felt anything like it. Not sure if I enjoyed it or not. How do people function when high? I guess it's a tolerance thing?
    Going to get myself a glass pipe for next weekend ;)
  4. Yeah man chill out, its allways abit weird for me the day after a smoke, especially if it was late at night :smoke:
  5. Yup definitely a tolerance thing, also depends how much you smoke if you just smoke a little it's pretty easy to function.  Also I find vaping is easier to function than smoking also.  If you're not sure if you enjoyed it or not try smoking with friends if they are down to try it, I always loved my first highs more than anything probably cause I was sharing the experience too, nowadays I prefer to blaze alone though and just lose myself in awesome psychedelic albums.
  6. Ha you should have listened to the blades who suggested you take your time. Half of that joint would have been plenty.
  7. I think you just smoked some bomb diggity
  8. It certainly wasn't the best environment to smoke. Ideally I'd like to sit in my garden and relax but that's not possible when everyone's home!
    It was only a small joint. Used regular sized paper.
  9. Haha! I guess it must have been good stuff then?
    Bought myself a neat glass pipe today so I'm gonna see what that's like :D
  10. You mix it with tobacco and you hide from your parents..... another 12 year old on GC....
  11. A lot older than 12 mate. I mixed it with tobacco because that's how my friends rolled their joints. Yesterday I rolled it with just weed though.
    No need to be arrogant . I'm new to this hence apprentice tokers section. Is that ok with you master toker...?
  12. Yeah mixing with tobacco is a cultural thing. some places do it, some don't. it's totally normal. Yeah man all that's really happening is you're just getting really high, and probably stressing yourself out by being so paranoid. There's two ways of going about it from here. Either step down how much you smoke until you're ready to go a little heavier with it, or smoke the same ammount every single day until it stops freaking you out and you start really enjoying it. also having to worry about keeping it secret is not conducive to having a good time with weed. you should wait until your rents are out of the house for a while before really blazing it up.
    Wasn't laced man - you were reaaally high. And maybe the smell of weed is body odor? lol
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    1) My first few times getting high I was high as all fuck, my first time was an edible and I was high even the next day and probably still a bit high the day after that. DO NOT get high at parties until you're really used to getting high, even then, i'd watch your use depending on if a) you want to meet a chick/guy | B ) you're with people you don't know/trust c) you have any sort of anxiety in crowds. To put it simply weed makes you think A LOT, you won't be relaxed and chill because you'll be really out of it, and in your own head thinking crazy shit, you might get paranoid, etc whatever. Until you're an experienced smoker, and even if you are I myself don't want to get high unless the people i'm partying with don't include any girls I want to fuck cause I know i'd psych myself out or be thinking too much.
    2) A joint is a lot to smoke for first timer, I don't even smoke joints unless i'm with friends. Unless your bud is really low grade, i'm in California so almost all the bud I come across is good quality, so it's pretty easy to smoke past your limit when you're first starting to smoke.
    3) Definitely smoke with trusted close friends (no randoms showing up) and by yourself to get used to it. I like to smoke by myself most of all. I like smoking less with social groups because as I said, I think a lot, and so I talk less, and become less social. Of course if everyone with you is getting high as balls and you're doing something artistic like watching a movie or listening to music, go ahead and get high. I liked smoking by myself the most though because I could choose the music I wanted to listen to, lock my door and not have to fear people questioning my sobriety or trying to act 'not high' and I could do whatever the fuck I wanted most of all. Meaning whatever movie, music, website, video game, whatever. Weed is an experience enhancer and makes everything better.
    4) Last tip, if you ever feel like you're too high, start eating, the munchies will kill your high really fast if you find you've got a really strong head high and it's not comfortable or too much for you, you can tone it down with a little snacking, or go full blown pig shit and your high will be killed reallly quick.
  15. I wouldn't worry. Sometimes I still feel it the next day. Normally it's just a light feeling that goes as the day goes on.
  16. just wait it out.. it's only the initiation phase
  17. Well as some people said I think you're just bugging. I started smoking at the age of 16 and I don't think I had smoked a full joint to the face until about 6+ months of smoking, so you might have over done it. also if you ever feel to high taking a shower might give you the feeling of sobering up, in my case I don't like showering after toking cause it kills my buzz but for you might help out if you get too paranoid lol. A glass pipe sounds like your best route as even some of the 20+ year tokers use them. Best of luck man and remember consuming cannabis isn't for everyone we all react differently to it so maybe it just isn't for you if the paranoia keeps up.
  18. Well I smoked a glass pipe properly yesterday and actually enjoyed it. I was able to control my hits and judge when I've had enough. A few big hits did make me cough baldly though!

    With the current weed I'm smoking I just fall asleep. I usually go to bed at like 12am but after I smoked the glass pipe yesterday i fell asleep at 8pm!! Is it down to the type of weed?
  19. I remember when I first started smoking I'd get wayyy tired after like 3 - 4 hours from first blaze.  But also certain types of weed make you sleepier than others, I think it's indica that makes you all tired and then there's sativa which can actually wake you up a little.
  20. i function by knowing im high..
    like if im too stoned to think right i sit for a minute then i tell myself "ok hide the evidence" and as im hiding my shit i stare at a wall and think about stupid shit.

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