Got high, got a healthy dash of...pessimism?

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  1. Well,i blazed about an hour ago and I played some audiosuf, I played on a bunch of songs for awhile, and while I was playing I realized certain things as if my eyes were being opened. While I was playing the game, I came to undestand that I was actually looking upwards the screen to look "farther into" it. My vision started to blur.

    By this point, I tried to merely keep up with the speed until the beat changed. What I realized then was that I was in fact viewing millions of lines or what not being drawn repeatedly at an extremely fast rate.

    And now I have realized that when I move this mouse, it sends a signal to the motherboard, and it travels through the motherboard through a series of device which then go to the ram, waiting for the cpu to pick it up, give instructions on what to display, send back to Ram which moves along to its Southbridge, and comes out of motherboard and displays the mouse moving. shit sorry i'm rambling, getting back to my point.

    I just I suppose...noticed "how machinery works" is all there is to it, but they truly felt like earth shattering revelation, with the potential to bring in a new era of humanithy.

    Yea, any similar experiences? Thoughts on this fantastic one?? It really was a lot of fun!
  2. I've been thinking about how when high, the simplest things (also the complex), can be truly entertaining, informative, eye-opening.

    I figure that it doesn't matter how trivial something may be, as long as you enjoy it, that's what matters.

    I enjoy going on journies in my mind, however when it comes to earth shattering, I always hope one day that the world will be growing full of cannabis (male (hemp) and female) and wind/solar will be the ultimate in power creation. Then we can stop destorying the planet (and ourselves) and work together, not against eachother.

    Sorry for the rambling. lol

    Yes everything is awesome. It's all about perspective and after using weed and dabbling a bit with Shrooms, I realize all the things I take for granted.
  3. Epiphanies are really common when you're really fucking high. Never had that one though. I don't even remember most of mine but I think one night I realized that Google rules the world. I think that was more of a weird thought than it was an epiphany though.
  4. hahaha, yea just wanted to share my experience. I think Google in fact DOES rule the world, you have a very good point there. I remember seeing in a video on wimp that google and microsoft provide the internet filtering software for China, so they can censor certain websites.
  5. I totally agree. The way computers work is certainly facinating. I think the idea for how they worked came from us, from the way we work. Such as when we move are arm the nerve cells send a signal to our brain and our brain sends the signal back to our arm and makes the movement, it works the same way with computers basically.

    Its all one big scheme of things, all one big plan, and we are all bound together through invisible roots that go back centurys.
  6. humanity could gain so much using solar and biodiesel etc, with all of that like this shit right here


    and then you legalize cannabis your chances as a spieces have a much much higher survival rate.
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    THAT's why i smoke man. not to get high. for those thoughts. without those thoughts, i would be a different, dull person. without weed, i don't have those thoughts anywhere near as often. creativity and meditation, there's no better drug, herb, plant, substance on earth than mary jane for that sort of thing (other than hallucinogens maybe but that's a different visual spiritual experience to peaceful meditation)

    if you wanna learn some interesting stuff about life man watch the second Zeitgeist movie (and the first if you havent). technology has far exceeded the point where fossil fuels are completely redundant.

    but we're still fighting wars to get our hands on the shit.

    "humanity" doesn't even play into this ideology man. humanity is lost and it's not gonna be fixed in our lifetime, if it even improves at all while we're alive (doubtful)

    hence, again, why i smoke :smoke:


  8. What you just described is the primary reason I like getting high. That and music sounds so much better (although not ecstasy level). I can't always say what I'm thinking when I'm stoned, in fact I posted a story on another thread about how I had trouble ordering food and saying "mug's rootbeer" but I do have some really, really, deep thoughts.
  9. I get the deep thoughts also. I think up some wild space age shit and odd followable theories. It started snowing once and we were under some VERY high voltage lines and I became a little paranoid so I started talking about how the static electricity could jump if it made contact through the snow and I went on and on just naturally and then I realized that the 6 people I was with were believing me as if it were fact and 5 out 6 were NOT stoned and had background with science. I had to stop and ask them if they were buying the "Electric Snow Theory" and they were. LOL

  10. dude i think about how amazing the human body is all the time..nerve cells and just everything working together, its just a super advanced natural machine. I think it is amazing how smart humans are, and how strongly we can feel emotions and remember everything we remember..its crazy

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