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Got high and came up with a perc design

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by lilro, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I don't have the supplies to make and test it, but I think it would work.

  2. i dont think that would work, where would the smoke go once it goes thru the double perc thingi
  3. Bowl->Downstem->Water->Chamber->Straw-like perc holes->Water->Wall->Upper Chamber->Mouth

    The line going down the center of the bong (inbetween 2nd and 3rd arrow of perc) is a wall..With a hole at the bottom.
    The smoke enters the perc, then since it has no place to go, goes through the water and through the wall with the hole. It comes out of the water on the other side and out to the mouth.
  4. I get it idea. I wonder if its already made??:confused::hello:
  5. cool

    what would you call it. and i love the fact you colored the bowl lol
  6. Keep a basic name like tube perc or straw perc
  7. oo i see, couldnt see the gap the first time
  8. Cool shit, it'd work if it were sealed up nice :smoking:
  9. i was just playing around with the design a little.

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  10. This is just the reverse idea of percs that already exist. Percs now, the smoke gets pulled through them, and then up through water. Your design, the smoke gets pulled through them, and then down through water.

    Unless I'm missing something?
  11. Nah you got it right. It's just another design. There's tree percs, dome percs, and now this one.
  12. Ah k.

    How about a combo? The middle could be like a diffuser screen type opening, or too much drag maybe...


    Very rough, took 1 min to make in paint. :smoking:
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    yeah, that would be the same thing as a regular perc, only your tubes or "trees" arn't going back down into the water. the reason i don't think this would work well, is cuz your water would be splashing back down those open tubes and into your first chamber lol.

    there is no upside to this design, you might as well just have tree percs.

    EDIT: if done right, to where it doesn't splash back down, like if the tubes go all the way to the top, then the smoke goes down into the water, then through diffused holes at the bottom of that wall into the opening on the other side, it may cause less drag? but i doubt it, and it would look weird

    EDIT again: wait.... this is basically a dome perc lol. get rid of that extra tube, have it come up through the middle, and put the holes on both sides... in a dome shape... rather than the second side, being to the side of it, its just surrounding the dome...
  14. the design would have to have holes on the perc tubes for it to work that is all. just like a regular perculator but upsidedown sort of

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