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Got Hash oil for my ecig

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SocialSmoker213, Oct 9, 2014.

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    So just went to my vape lounge/shop (ecig vape shop juices ect,) and this chill dude i went to highschool with ownsthe place so he knows me gives me cheap juice cuz i go there alot ect. 
    So today it was close to closing time so the shop was dead. He's like hey try this new shit i got man. So i screw the tank onto my vape and i instantly taste pure weed. I was like woah this is amazing let me get a 15ml bottle. He's like noo dude its strawberry cough hash oil. Of course i hit it few more times, He was telling me how he just takes 3hits of it here and there and its like a mellow weed high just extremley relaxing helps you sleep ect. He sells it for 20$ and loads it in the tank (an average cheap smoketech tank there like 2$ or some shit) 
    I'm wondering if this is just all in your head or whatever because i thought hash oil was suppose to get you fucking defnitley isnt just weed flavor though because i'm no noob you can clearly tell when you hit it there's gotta be bud in it.

  2. Do you feel it or not? If you feel it it's working. Hash oil can get you as high as can be but it depends on the strength and method of consumption. I think glycerin tinctures vaped in a pen is pretty weak/mellow unless you hit it a lot
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  3. Idk much about bho and stuff, but I've noticed all the hash oils have a lower listed THC% than shatters or other waxes. Usually I see hash oil with around 35% where waxes have 70+. So perhaps hash oil is not suppose to be super strong like other bho concentrates.
  4. Sounds like he has a glycerin tincture rather than pure hash oil. He's making a killing for $20/tank.

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