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  1. I noticed in my grow room a couple of tiny flying insects resemble gnats. I ordered FF Don't Bug with me this a good solution or is there another? Thanks
  2. ... You can place about an inch of playground sand (from lowes or home depot) on top of the dirt. This will smother any larvea in the soil and prevent the adults from laying their eggs in the soil. Good luck.
  3. Its not a huge issue now since I only have seen two. I am tackling it now so it doesnt turn into a big one.
  4. Sticky traps. They like yellow. And they are excellent for early indicators of pest problems too so you can treat quickly before they get infested.
  5. OH KNATS!

    [ame=]YouTube - Funky Finger Stank Ho[/ame]

    Don't know about the the gnats, but every situation can benefit from a little FFP.
  6. prolly fungus gnats.the sand idea sucks..ive tried it..just gets messy and a pain in the ass.
    The dont bug me spray works great.i get a couple bottles everytime im at the store.instead of sand try a layer of perlite.i use a mixture of 70% perlite and the rest diatamacous earth.the earth stuff is microscopic razors that cut their legs and they die..seach it up.

    the flying gnats arent really a problem..its when they get in the medium and lay their larvae which feed on roots.keep humidity down too!
  7. I've used a cookie sheet of sweet & strong coffee in the grow area. Had the idea seeing dead gnats in leftover cups of coffee. They love the sweet coffee and are doomed from the moment they touch it, as long as it's strong enough.
  8. Yellow sticky strips and water with a BTK solution 3 weeks in a row to kill any larvae and you should be ok. I'm dealing with them now and my local store recommended the above solution. I looked around online when I got home and she was bang on with her recommendation. Fungus gnats come in soil, other house plants, etc.
  9. Thanks guys. I got the Fly traps today. When I wake my girls up I will put some up. A quick question I also picked up something that says its Organic Pest Spray for use in gardens, crops, edible items etc. It has no chemicals in it just some Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids. Its called Natria Insecticidal Soap. Should I spray it? Lady at the Garden store a local one not Lowes or Home Depot said its a very gentle nontoxic solution to plants. She said you could eat a Tomato sprayed with it.
  10. U are the only one I know of at GC
    that has had bad luck with the sand.

    If they arent that bad right now, put up
    some blue and yellow stickies to kill the adults.
    They are the ones that lay the eggs in the soil.


  11. Is it FDA approved for consumables? Like neem?

  12. I looked up the only ingredient besides water thats in it and Potassium Salts from Fatty Acids the FDA doesn't deem necessary to regulate as there 100% safe with near zero toxicity to mammals and plants. It only screws up with aquatic life since there eggs are porous membranes. There highest level stamp is "Generally Recognized as safe" what they put on anything over the counter and Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids have that.

    I shall try it out and let you guys know!
  13. Good research. i personally look for the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) label. Which basically denotes FDA approval as well.
  14. Nice. I already ordered some lol but was at Home Depot and didnt wanna wait for my FF pest stuff to come in and this was only 6 bucks. It was in there organic gardening section. Generally organic stuff is safer as to hit that label they have to comply with a fair amount of stuff.

    What a Postassium Salt of Fatty Acid does is for insects and insects only it rapidly dehydrates them. USDA says it has a half life of one day and is rapidly absorbed by other organisms to use as energy.

    Sounds good to me. Time to go on a Gnat killing Frenzy at 1130 when my lights come on! There existance on my pristine plants is 100% unacceptable.
  15. I just read an article today about fungus gnats. Let the soil dry up. Take the plant outside and remove and replace the top layer of dirt. Instead of sticky traps(which work well) they recommended a bowl of vinegar with saran wrap over the top. Poke a few holes in the top. The gnats love the vinegar and get trapped inside. I think the blue sticky traps are for thrips btw. Certain bugs prefer certain colors.
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  16. i like those "homemade" solutions!
  17. Just sprayed my girls. Upon close insepction there was a bunch of them running around the soil. I sprayed lightly the soil under the leaves and on top. It has no odor and looks like a light soap water. Hopefully the plants don't mind it. I also put up the Fly tape in the tent, bathroom where my grow room is and the hall way leading to my grow room.

    Thankfully no one comes over they would think they have entered the land of the bizzare lol or a serial killers bathroom haha
  18. I suspect highly I got these gnats from the herbs and seedling tomato I bought and planted from Home Depot.
  19. 1. take layer of top soil out
    2. let soil dry
    3. fresh brewed COFFEE in small shiny colored bowls ( green, Yellow, pink)
    4. sticky traps
    5. Bug zapper light

    Gnats = bye bye without using chemicals

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