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Got friend busted

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bellyjeans55, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. I was out with friends last night, and it was good times all around. In a true high moment, I left my bud in my friends car. So his parents borrowed his car, today, he didn't know my bud was in there, and his mom found it (it's in a random pill bottle I had with my name and info on it). He's losing his car, and getting punished pretty severely.

    I guess this is just a way for me to vent, because there's obviously nothing I can do. I feel like a gigantic dick for bringing this on him.

    So any similar stories? What would you guys have done in my situation?
  2. have you talked to him lol, that is probably the worst possible scenario. I'd buy him a nice hefty amount of bud for his condolences
  3. If i was you i would try to talk to his parents, maybe try to say it was in your pocket and fell out and your friend does not smoke. you got to try to help him out some how.
  4. Did you do the right thing and go over there to admit it was yours?
  5. Go to his house and tell his parents that it was yours and that you feel terribly bad for everything that happened.

    Tell them that you wont be hanging out with him anymore and that you would feel better if they didn't blame it all on him.
  6. I would have called his parents and apologized. I would say that he didn't have any acknowledgment that I smoked marijuana at all, let alone lost it in his car. I would've Told them that they should be proud to have a son like theirs and that if it is in their best wishes then I will not go around him at all.

    Of course this whole apology is a load of bullshit and I would still hang out with him whenever I felt like it..but it might bail him out.

  7. "Hey (insert friends name)'s parents! It's me, (your name). That weed you found was mine. Not your kids. Don't punish him for having my weed. It must have fallen out of my pocket"

    This is the right thing to do, man.
  8. id tell them if i was you, just say hey im sorry my bag dropped out of my pocket and didnt realize it, your son doesent smoke i just had forgotten it was in my pocket and it fell out
  9. dude its your weed, just say your friend didnt know, you even put it in the bottle so he didnt know what it was!
  10. "nothing you can do"
    ...Umm how about, telling his parents it was actually your weed and not his?
    Use your brain man, or are you too scared to do that or somthing? LMAo
  11. Looks like you lost a friend.

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  12. Since it already has your name on it just do what everyone is saying to do. Be like my doctor just prescribed this to me didn't even try it yet. Forgot i had it in my pocket and it fell in your sons car. Then be like i'm gonna either need that bud back or a cash reimbursement.

  13. Or not.

    Congrats on getting out of the negative rep and into the green.
  14. Ouch man, you always gotta be super super aware when bringing weed outside your house. My weed goes straight from buying, into storage.
  15. I suppose I should have prefaced that "obviously" with: I already tried and he's been busted before so there's no bs'ing that he didn't know.
  16. Buddy left his grinder in my mom's car i was using for the day a few years ago. Got grounded for a loooong time but ended up claiming it as mine. Man up.
  17. ill take ur friends mom out nd she'll forget all about that silly bottle of nugs

  18. Not sure if you are insulting me or not.
  19. do you bite ur thumb at me sir?

    no, i do not bite my thumb at you but i do bite my thumb!


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