Got flicked, friend got a possession charge thanks to me (LONG READ)

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  1. DISCLAIMER: (To protect the identities of everyone involved, their names have been changed.)

    Tonight, some shit went down.

    The story goes like this.
    It involves 5 characters:
    J - Me
    J2 - My brother
    C - My brother's girlfriend
    R - Our mutual friend, whom we are tight with
    W - Dealer

    Alright. So, I just picked up Dead Rising 2 (kickass game, btw) and I am at home playing it. My brother calls me, "Hey J, come scoop me from M's house, let's smoke afterwards." (M is another good friend of ours, he wasn't involved in this situation though.) So I do, and he is with R. J2 and R hop in my car, and J2 says "Hey bro, can you go pick up C?" I tell him yes. Now, we're trying to find some bud. J2 calls W, who used to be our main connect a few months back. The conversation went like this:

    J2: "Whaddup, you gotta dime?"
    W: "Yeah man, but I'm in Detroit right now, should be back in about 20."
    J2: "Alright, hit me up."
    W: "For sure, man."

    So now, we're on our way to C's house. I didn't really mind going there, there's this Sunoco by her house that always has gas for cheap. So after we pick up C, we stop at said Sunoco and I throw some gas in my tank and grab a pack of White Owls. After that, we discuss who we're gonna buy from, since we don't feel like waiting.

    I pull out of the Sunoco, and the discussion begins.
    J: "So, what are we doin?"
    J2: "Let's get it from... oh hold on, W's calling me"

    J2 picks up the phone.

    J2: "Whaddup."
    W: "Yo, you still need that dime, man?"
    J2: "Yeah, where you wanna meet at?"
    W: "Meet me by Al's."
    J2: "Alright, I'm on the way."

    So, I drive to Al's (Liquor Store) to meet up with W. I'm at the light in front of the liquor store, I gotta turn left, then right to get in the store. As I turn left, I realize that W's car is right in front of us. I chuckle, and follow him into the parking lot. Now, I've done a few deals here before... it's a pretty lowkey place. W parks in the back, and I park right next to him. W gives the bud to R, and J2 and I were about to give W the money. (This bud was mine and J2's... remember this.)

    Now, W didn't get the money yet, W seen a cop coming around the corner, into the lot, so he walked into the store. The 5 was still in my hand, shit. The cops are now coming towards my car, they park right behind my car so I can't back out, and they shine the flood light on us.

    They hop out and the talking begins:

    (O1 denotes Officer 1, O2 denotes Officer 2)

    O1: You have ID?
    Me: Yes. *Hands O1 Driver's License*
    O1: Will you step out of the car, please?
    Me: Yes, sir. *Steps out of car.*
    *O1 frisks me, doesn't find shit on me*
    O1: I'm going to search the car, is that alright?
    Me: (Knowing that R has the bud on him) Go ahead.
    O1: *Searches car, doesn't find anything*
    O1: What are you doing here from Garden City, J?
    Me: I was picking up R, from his house. I stopped here so I could get something to drink.
    O1: Ok, what's up with the blunt wraps in the back?
    Me: I smoke cigars.
    O1: Oh, ok. Alright, can you please stand in front of my vehicle, with your hands on the bumper?
    Me: Yes, sir. *Follows officer's orders*

    After this, O1 begins to question R. O1 searches him and finds the bud. O1 asks R if the weed is his... and R tells the officer 'Yes, it's mine.'

    I nearly shat my pants there. My friend just took a possession charge for me and my brother. We'll continue this discussion momentarily, the story's not finished yet.

    So, after they find the weed on R, they have him sit in the police car. Now, remember when W went in the store? Well, the cops searched his car without consent or warrant. I mean, O1 was on the phone when he was in the car, so he may have been acquiring a warrant, but I don't know for sure, I'm not too good when it comes to cops. So the cops search W's car, then O1 went in the liquor store, and came back out with W. W got arrested, and put in the back of the cop car with R. Me, J2 and C are then ordered to have a seat in my vehicle. We do so, and just wait. After a while, R is allowed out of the police car, and O1 wrote him up a citation for possession. He was allowed to leave with me. Then, O1 says something:

    O1: Who's car is this?
    Me: It's mine, but it's registered under my grandmother's name.
    O1: Oh. *Does an 'impressed' type of nod* Well, would your grandparents have $1000 dollars to get it out of the impound?
    Me: Hmm, I'd probably have to talk to them about it.
    *O1 goes back to car*

    At this point, my heart drops. I figure, 'Well, I'm fucked.' My grandparents don't know I smoke. I didn't want them to find out this way, plus I wouldn't want them dropping $1000 to get my car from the impound. So, I'm waiting for a ticket, when O1 comes back to my window:

    O1: Ok. You stay away from here, because next time I catch you, your car is mine. *hands me back my driver's license*
    Me: Alright officer, have a good night.

    The four of us leave, pissed off at the recurring events. Well, we're still trying to smoke, so we call up my main connect, who's been out of regs lately.

    Me: Yo, please tell me you have regs right now, bro.
    AJ: Nah, I'm out, sorry man.
    Me: Ahh, it's straight. Well shit, let me get two 10 sacs of kush.
    AJ: Alright, for sure.

    So, I go by AJ's house, get the shit, and go back to my house where we have a little session in my garage. The whole time, we were talking about the incident, and I felt so horrible because I let R get a possession charge. I don't think he can afford that right now, so that just adds salt to the wound. I mean, I could have said to the officer. 'No officer, that's my weed.' But I didn't. I sat back, and let R take the fall - But R decided it was best to take the fall, on the way back from AJ's he said 'When the cop asked me who's weed it was, I had to say it was mine... I didn't want you guys to get in trouble.'

    I have to find someway to pay him back... he just did me the biggest favor. I'm just kicking myself, because now this charge is stuck on his record for life, and it's all my fault.

    Also, W is probably pissed at me and hates me as well.

    I just don't know what to do, GC. I feel so shitty since this happened. Am I a shitty person?
  2. Damn dude, thats just one big mess if you ask me. I feel bad for you. I'm from that area (I think I know what 'Al's' your talking about). R did a very noble thing, you definitely owe a lot to him, but he could have been like 'naw its his' but then you would of got in trouble too. He probably saved your ass, and took it all for himself. I swear Michigans turning into a police state. Every cop is in all black, sunglasses, theres undos everywhere, when the cop cars put there lights on its like a damn firework show. You deff owe a lot to R though, he sounds like a good guy. Whatever you do, be careful who you get from because I'd bet any money they followed W to the location, and you guys happened to be there. Be careful, Be safe, Thank R over and over.

  3. Why is W pissed at you?
  4. Thanks man, R is a really great guy, and he definitely deserves something in return.

    It's not for sure that he's mad at me, I just have a feeling he is.
  5. Out of curiosity was it Garden City Police?
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    No, it was Westland PD.

    Edit: I didn't know there was a cop thread, mods feel free to move thread if need be.
  7. i always laugh when people say this, like the mods are sittin there waiting for permission hehe
    nothin personal man its just funny :smoke:

    that really sucks about ur situation, hopefully w isnt mad cuz it wasnt ur fault
  8. Man, i can say this, R, is one hell of a friend. I was in a similar situation minus the dealer. But regardless, It takes balls to claim weed that isn't yours in front of an officer. I'm not saying your that bad guy here, he as far as i can tell from the text written above, felt there was no other option. Yes, he did you a huge favor by claiming it, and that itself needs retribution of some kind, but man. I don't know if i'd have done it.

    Best regards
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    R really saved you bro. You really do need to re-pay him back. For starters by paying his citation and still alot more. and W is probably going to be mad because he thought yall snitched him out or something.
    But maybe he can get a lawyer or something to overturn everything becasue like you said they did not have consent to search Ws veichle.

    You shouldnt really feel shitty. I mean shit just happens for a reason bro.

    If i were you i would've just gave him your license and when he asked to search your car. you shouldve said no.

    I was at a park's parking lot once with 2 buddies of mine taking care of business. (cannot give details to protect my identity) and a cop rolled up to my truck and asked "what are yall doing. Yall arent smoking weed are yall?"
    we said no and gave him our id's. He then asked if i minded if he searched the truck. My friend quickly responded "YES WE DO MIND!". and that was it! Cop came around to my side and was trying to find something laying around on the floorboard and at the center console to give him a reason to check my truck and he was like alright you guys stay out of trouble. and as soon as he said that i turnd on the truck and bailed out :bolt:
  10. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  11. i 2nd this fuck code names.

    nice avatar by the way homie
  12. sorry guys, just don't want the cops googling anything.

    paranoia? possibly. lol
  13. R did a good thing, but you shoulda learned and used your rights and you could have avoided the entire situation. Never have to consult to unwarranted search and siezure unless you give them permission.

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