got fired...such shit

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  1. I worked at a resturant called turtle jacks for a few weeks. I was a dishwasher, and I was just finishing training, and I had my first full shift last saturday, and it was crazy. sooo busy, tons of dishes coming in, and I didn't do very well. I had to get saved 4 times. once cuz when I first got in the dishes were coming in and my station was a mess, second time I was just straight up overrun, third time I had a bit of a break, and the 4th was just me trying to get everything finished with this other dude.

    I came in today and got ready, and I was ready to work and I was totally set cuz I learned alot from the last shift, but my manager just sat me down and said that this wasn't gonna work out.

    I mean really? It was my first full shift and I don't really know alot about the job and I was figuring out the pace of it, and I was stressed because I was new and there were a ton of dishes coming in. It was a really busy saturday apparently too.

    Man, I worked my ass off to get this job and now I have to find a new one? I better be getting payed for the work I did.

    Just needed to vent.
  2. That sucks. The turnover rate at restaurants is insane. My friend got fired from her serving position at a restaurant cause she got ONE complaint about the food taking too long. It seems like you have the motivation/willingness to learn, etc., so hopefully you'll find another job soon. Good luck man, shit's rough for everyone right now.
  3. fuck dude that sucks.

    i worked at a banquet hall. an italian one. holy fuck my mother sideways these people push you like a fucking marathon. the amount of dishes and work.

    you should of talked to him. you need to be very good and quick and hardworking at these jobs. most definatly people complained about you. you should of talked to him
  4. It's probably standard procedure.

    Hire people for training period since they are legally allowed to pay WAYY less during training period, schedule you on a crazy busy night where you won't succeed, and now they have sufficient grounds to fire you "after training he could not perform job task."

    Always another person who will do the training period for WAYYY less than normal pay.
  5. I just got fired from outback because with my new school hours i can only work 1-2 days, of course i'd rather worry about a several hundred dollar class than a night for $30 tips.
  6. Yeah, being a dishwasher sucks. I was a Dishwasher once and at the beginning I was pretty terrible and one of the owners sat me down and kind of warned me. Eventually though I got the hand of it. That was the worst job I've ever had though.
  7. Sucks mane. I have a feeling I might not be lasting much longer at my job either. I was already late twice, the first time was my fault, I looked at the schedule wrong, the second time was my mom's fault and it was a meeting that I was late to.

    I was only scheduled to work last Thursday this whole week, what bs. I need another job.

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