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got dumped....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. i figure the title speaks for itself...
  2. oh man, i feel for you.

    i'd send you karma but it just but incrusted with the feeling for this girl round by me right now.

    i hate being dumped. worst feeling in the world.
  3. Well damn Norm.. I thought you had a sweetie this time!!

    Don't give up though.. You never know when the right female will come along..

    Maybe you should try regular girls instead of a hooker.. LOL just joking!

    better luck next time!
  4. damn i know the feeling! good luck!
  5. dont worry, you and I can go off and marry like we originally planned!
  6. That bitch. Clearly she was ignorant. Unless she comes back. Then clearly she is smart.
  7. i dont really know that woman besides MJ in my life....
  8. oh dont worry, im good now fellas, i got me some crusty karma and im engagend to golem...what more would a crusty karmaphobic heterosexual male want?!

    i guess i could just go get a hooker.

    i think shes just confused and still hurting from her last go round....but if this is what truly makes her happy.

    who am i to argue with her happiness?

    i mean..NO..YOU CANT BE HAPPY BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE SHIT....arent those just words of love?

    so yeah, im allright.

  9. Wasn't meant to be...or better yet, it wasn't meant to be forever. It was good while it lasted, right? :) That's all that matters. I've read some happy threads about her.

    There will be lots of other girls and just because society says that everyone should get married and stay with that one person forever while adding to the population doesn't mean it has to be so.

    I'm sorry, dude. I hope your heart feels better soon!
  10. yeah, this girl made me feel good inside, it was definately the most unique thing ive ever experienced

    btw, i like your sig:p jilly

    im just gonna go suck on some cows rectume..
  11. That's kinda gross, Poo!
  12. I don't see why anyone would want to dumb such a good find. Nam, you da man...You have been my friend here on grass city for a while...I don't get it..Don't worry though, I got kicked out and had to spend the night at wal-mart, and I'm movin to georgia soon to live with my girl...anyways, I send my best wishes your way man, smoke a little somethin, might help.:)


  13. aawww, i'm sry to hear that namron, you'll find someone soon. spring is coming, love will be lookin for ya;) good luck!
  14. I'm sorry for you Norm. I hope you bounce back and find a new girl soon.

    BTW, your Razorbacks suck this year too! Modica is playing like an All American though. I bet he goes pro after next year!
  15. That sucks dude, if it ended it wasnt meant to be, youll find someone soon

  16. you'll feel that again.
    i know just how you felt on that front, and how it feels to be let dowb by somebody who makes you feel like that.
  17. namrons u jus 1 step closer to tha ONE thats all it is bro.
  18. well...i guess i should keep yall updated....

    were still talking, it seems that she is scared...that seems to be the only thing that i can define definately..frightened of love..the hurt that comes when it fades...hell, i am too
    but, it seems that ive invaded her heart, taken up my own little corner, i dont really know where this is going, but its definately a learning experience...

    im along for the ride...i just hope she doesnt intend on dragging this thing out much longer
  19. ugh i dont even wanna get started on bitching about the opposite sex...... w/e stick to physical only and that way u cant get your feelings hurt :D there ya go
  20. ouchy... sorry to hear the news norm, but i myself am goin thrugh a lil turbulance... im totally up in the air about where my gf and i stand with each other, i mean... i really don't want to take this realtionship to the next level with her, because there's too much difficulty included in the process, but i also don't wanna end a great thing....

    they come they go, but a broken heart can be one of the worst injuries a person could ever have.

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