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"Got Dry Bud"? i mean too dry, fix it.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by jcj77d, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. is your bud too dry, hurts your throat when smoked, or too crumbly. unless you have a humidor, theres a little trick i learned to add a little moisture to your bud without getting mold. take a piece (or more, depending on amount of bud) of fresh green lettuce and place it in the container that you keep your bud in, (hopefully glass jar with air tight lid), a piece on top & bottom of your bud like a sandwitch for a day or two (watch the lettuce so it doesnt spoil), repeat if nessary. the bud will absorb some of the moisture from the lettuce, with no bad effect b/c lettuce really has no smell and very little taste but holds lots of moisture, so your bud will still taste and smell the same. hope this helps yall, its helped me.
  2. thanks for the tip, I cant really say this is the first time I've been told this, and i always thought bud was harsh because the grower didn't leach it well enough during the last week or so... shows how little i know :-D.. anyways if i ever run into bud that i think will burn to well in a Phillie blunt ill be sure and throw some salad on it
  3. this has been posted well over 100 times, everyone on these forums know this at this point. Im not flaming you because i see your trying to help out your fellow stoners, but use the search button next time.

  4. thanks.. i didn't want to be that harsh.. but it seems you did it for me :D
  5. Actually ive never seen or heard of this in my whole life.

    And Thank You very much for this usefull post. + Rep
  6. use blunt wraps. one is good for like a quarter or so. plus u can get different kinds taste plus moistness= :hello: :smoke:

    lettuce is good to eat i dunno about soakin my weed in it. w/e works and w/e dont mold i guess.

    i think im going to go make a salad.
  7. hah I don't like lettuce very much, and would hate for my weed to taste like it!

    And I don't want to hear it from you assholes who say "but lettuce doesnt even taste!", it does too, now shut the hell up!

    Man, I really hate lettuce!!!!
  8. the taste of lettuce is so minute, your buds wont asorbe the taste or smell, just moisture. if yall want i can find the article that talks about this method.
  9. a wet q-tip or a sliver of potato will work too. And it won't make your weed taste any different.

    I personally like the taste of the bud after I've added some orange or lemon peel.
  10. did it really bother you that much when you read his topic that you had to come in here and type that? u must have a pretty boring life
  11. ^ lol.. yeah its been posted over 100 times but i have never read this method before.. thanks.

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