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  1. Sup GC. Been a minute since ive been on here. Just finished basic training at Ft.Jackson. Now im at Ft.Leonardwood for AIT. Been pretty boring so far. The 16 hour bus ride was intereas ting. Got to see alot of places. Anyone stationed here? Or know how this AIT is? Thanks
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    I went through BCT in Ft. Jackson a few years ago, it was a nice vacation in a warm climate :D Never been to Ft. Leonardwood but I've heard stories, mostly just about the weather though, AIT shouldn't be too bad ;)
  3. Went thru "OSUT" at Ft. Sill. Sucked major dick! I heard Jackson wasnt all that bad though. Do not and I repeat do not get Ft.Bragg as your 1st duty station LoL.
  4. Ya jackson was cool. Im actually kinda missin it. Its cold as fuck here at leonardwood. Im nat guard so my unit is near my house. No fort bragg for me!
  5. i think i remember you posting way back about leaving or some shit. lol
  6. I've heard that Jackson is one of the easiest for basic. What's your MOS if you don't mind me asking? I'll be shipping for the first time myself fairly soon, Benning for OSUT as a 19D (cavalry scout).
  7. My mos is 12 november. Heavy equipment operator.
  8. Ah so you play with the big guns ;) That's what I used to do as well.
  9. "Played" as in the past term. I got out on the 22 of April :hello:. 6 year bid in the 18th Fires Brigade attached to 82 Airborne Division. Shooting the M777a2

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