got chought at school

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  1. ware to start
    ok i sold my buddie a metal rasta mj pipe and im like ok dont tell any1 well the next day he showed it off to every1 at lunch and a cop from my school takes it and takes him into a room and ask him questions,and lets jest say he ratted me out. i did even know about this till my friend told me what happend and as soon as i step into class the teach say the schools admin whats my so be4 going to her offecice i went to hide a knif and ciggorits in the bathroom i get into the offeces and the admin seid im suppended 4 ten days i have a mettin adout my rights and blabla so they surch me and thay ask quesions and i denigh them untell the cop says ill put you under arouts for drug pariphalea and im like fuck so i tell the trutth and such what.sooooo now what to do the that kid gc any ideas
  2. Start with reading rainbow
  3. Lmao, you're lucky. Just the other week some kid got in major shit because he was dumb enough to bring a knife to school.
  4. Shouldn't take that shit to middle school next time?
  5. u should of just been like i only used that pipe for tobacco but since u already told them everything theres not much you can do
  6. First off: learn2write

    Second off, why did you admit to selling it to your friend? They had no proof. You could have denied it.
  7. Well, from what it sounds like, you just got fucked over when you could have gone away a freeman. Since you stashed you knife (btw why the fuck did you bring a knife to school, that's one of the poorest decisions i've ever heard of, no offense) and your cigarettes and they didn't find anything on you, they cannot lawfully punish you. You didn't have paraphernalia at school, but the cop talked you into confessing with a scare tactic. Sorry bro, you fucked yourself over.

    And please, i don't like to bash people over their spelling or grammar, but this was frightfully difficult to understand.
  8. "rasta420bandito"

    Nuff said :wave:
  9. OMG I'm sorry but I have to say it. You need to drop weed and focus on your schooling, your post just shows how much you need to focus on school right now instead of sneaking weapons and selling pipes to your "friends".

    And why did you hide your cigs?
  10. BIG SECRET, SCROLL DOWN.............................................

  11. You can't have cigs in school even if you are 18.
  12. Never heard of that rule, guess my school was pretty cool then.
  13. Hahaa, I love all these underage stories.
  14. Ware to start...
  15. Sounds like you also ratted yourself out, how would the cop give you a possession charge when you did not have it.
  16. im pretty sure if you were 18 you would have had the common sense to understand that the cop was just trying to get you to talk, he actually couldnt have done anything about it unless they got like 15 witnesses saying they saw you hand the pipe over to him and collect money...even then im not sure they could do anything (legal wise but school wise all they really need are witnesses)

  17. Over their.

  18. Underage poster is underage.

    What the hell were you thinking selling a pipe at school anyhow?

    Consider yourself lucky, it could have been much worse.

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