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got charged with having paraphernalia

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by michaelangello, May 9, 2011.

  1. and idk wtf to do, i cant let anybody in my family find out and its my first offense. im 19 tho and imma try to get the money for a lawyer because i was told by my cousin who was with me and got charged with possession that if we get a lwyer we wont have to show up for court and might get it thrown out or somethin, is that true?
  2. you might get papers in the mail but if you have an attorney on the case you dont have to show up to court unless he tells you to (i live in missouri)
  3. What kind of paraphernalia? A bong or sumthin?
  4. Bro, don't make it any worse by not telling your family. That's the only people who can help you. Just tell them and try to work things out. Believe me, things will only be worse if your family isn't there to back you.
  5. ^ QFT, seriously I have been there twice and while it SUCKS telling your family, it just has to be done. Be a man, bite the bullet, and tell them. For what it is worth, my parents were 100% against me smoking and the such, but it was the catalyst for me eventually having a (relatively) open relationship with my parents about MJ.
  6. don't hide it from ur fam, but if u don't wanna tell em ur over 18 so theres no need for them to talk to ur parents...
  7. Like others said, might as well tell them now rather than it getting to them from someone else and shit completely hitting the fan.

    Your charge will most likely run in the police blotter in your local news paper, especially if you live in a smaller community.
  8. I agree with everyone else here, man up and tell them. It's going to be hard enough as it is, and a little family behind you really couldn't hurt. It's a tough thing to do, but it makes your whole life a little easier once they know. I'm telling you now, they're probably going to be against you smoking MJ, but they are your parents, and they'll set aside how they feel to help you get out of this jam.

    Ultimately, good luck man.
  9. How can you get charged with owning paraphernalia? Head shops are legal you know...
  10. everyone said it , man up . they may even help pay for your lawyers and such .
  11. I doubt telling your parents would change anything. Especially since you have all the resources to handle it yourself. If you can afford a lawyer and stuff, you can probably afford to move out also. I dont know your situation or anything tho, so just saying. I mean shit, if he doesnt wanna tell them OP doesnt have to.
  12. ya brah, even if your parents aren't too willing to help you out, it will take a lot of the stress out of the situation knowing you won't have to hide it.

    If you really are planning on getting a lawyer, you're going to have meetings, phone calls, court dates, and if you're still living with the family, all of that is going to be pretty difficult to hide.
  13. IF you can handle it w/o telling you parents, go for it
  14. yeah that's what I say, no reason to tell them if you can handle it yourself, and if you have the money for an attorney...

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