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Got charged w/ a drug misdemeanor?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tictactoker, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. So, heres a little background. I'm 19, and living in Maine and was charged with "unlawful furnishing" simply because I had over the amount that constitutes "for personal use" or not. Now, the court has offered me two choices:
    1. Pay $400 and have the charge on record
    2. Pay $400, do 1 year bail/probation w/random searches and tests, and also 30 hrs comm. service and the charge will be filed so employers and the likes cannot see it.
    What would you choose? I'm stuck, and really don't know what I should do. I know that I COULD do 1 year of not smoking if I absolutely had too, but I have a legitimate medical reason for using mj and really do not want to suffer for a year. But I also know that a misdemeanor on record makes it harder to get jobs and the such, but is it really that hard?
    Need advice now, thanks!!

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    I would speak to a defense attorney who specializes in these type of Cases.
    Gonna need some money for the Lawyer Though
    You may be able to get it thrown out depending on the case 
  3. you should go for the option that makes it easiest to get off your record. look into how getting misdemeanors expunged works in your state. 
  4. I was able to get those two choices because I already talked to a lawyer unfortunately, so I can't do much better. :/
  5. Most work environments only look for felonies... But it's up to you.
  6. According to what I've found, Maine only seals records, not expunges them, and I don't think they seal misdemeanors (but they'll seal a felony...seems kind of backwards seeing as how felonies are worse). I just really don't want to have to go a year without being able to control my pain w/ mj but I guess I'll have to deal.
  7. Sounds like you've already made up your mind.
  8. So wait, option 1 you just pay 400 and it's over but just on your record? Shit that sounds better than be fucked with for a year.
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    You forget that you will be on probation... which means the county owns you for that year. You don't JUST have to worry about not smoking. If you get busted up for anything else that could violate you, you could be back in court anyway looking at actual time. Take option 1. If I had that option the many times I've been in the courthouse, I would've taken it. I've fucked up so many times on probation it would've been easier to avoid it all. Trust me dude, a misdemeanor is nothing especially after time goes by (few years).
    My last bout in the court (long time ago) led me to an option of another 6 months in jail and reduced felony charges or taking a strike and probation and no time. (this was a ridiculous deal as is, I left the state for over 3 years on the run and turned myself in after changing my life around) I got so damn lucky
    Talk about a decision to make...
    Luckily for me, even after I stupidly decided to choose no time and a strike, my attorney weasled his way into a better deal with the DA that involved no time and no strike.
    Take option 1 dude, fucking trust me.
  10. Thanks for the advice man

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  11. Gotta say listen to Rhymesayer. They will give you enough rope to hang yourself again. My state only asks about felonies on applications. Check to see if yours does aswell. If you can mind your P's and Q's take option 2

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