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  1. Ok so i come home today from football practice and i notice some of my shit is moved in my room so i got out to my mom and i asked her have you been going through my room? She said yea and that they found some stuff they didnt like. I shit a brick so i go back to my room and check all my shit exept for a few places that i think they wouldnt find. So my dad comes home and i was like what did you guys find in my room. He pulls out this bag with my mason jar that i kept my stash in it only had a bag with a few stems in it, also a glass jar that was empty but i guess smelled like weed so he took it and my broken bubler that i for some reason kept but i hadent touched it in a month. So were all sitting down and there were saying how dissapointing they were and that there going to drug test me randomly from now on. So im kinda pissed about that but then they go on to tell me that i can no longer hang out with my two best friends anymore and there not welcome in my house. Aswell as im only allowed to use my car to go to school and thats it. so obviously im pissed but pretty happy b/c they didnt find my bowl my box full of swisher blunts my sploof a few other jars and a grinder. So idk what to do from here i oviously want to keep on smoking but with the random drug tests i dont think i could pull it off. So idk what to do i mean i played it off pretty good like i didnt give a damn but i idk if this is true or not but my dad was saying that the reason they decided on searching my room was b/c i had a cough and complained about a pain in my neck. Some how he associated that with smoking and the pain in my neck as a reaction to the fertalizers or some shit on the bud. So idk what should i do?
  2. listen to ur parents...

    or if ur not gonna listen what you should do is ---

    dont act like"u didnt give a damn" they probably wouldnt test you

    its not that bad just stop smokin
  3. honestly dude you dont got there trust.i think you should stay sober for a month or two and try to gain it back,and maybe you will be able to hang out with those friends of yours.and if you do decide to start smoking again, dont fuck up dude or your in for punishment x2
  4. so you're 18 and your parents forbade you to hang out with some friends? haha.
  5. just toke up anyway . even if they do drug test you, they already know you smoke, so fuck it . theyre already putting you on punishment, how much worse can they do ? and even if the test does show up positive, what more can they do? and if they give you more shit for it, move out .
  6. if you fail a drug test..whats the worst they could do? Something similar happened to me awhile mom came outside right as i put my piece it obviously smelled pretty strongly..she decided not to say anything right then and instead of waiting for her to "catch me red handed" i just admitted it to her..i told her i use it to help w/ sleep and stress..and i was supposed to be getting "randomly tested" too, because my friend got caught with a few grams at school...she said she didn't approve but realized she couldnt stop me ...
  7. just smoke like you used to. and then when you take a drug test (which might be a bluff) and you test positive for THC, just be like, ya , now you know i smoked weed in the past couple weeks, congrats. and then if they kick you out you can smoke all you want and you'll learn some good lessons, ex. taking care of yourself, working hard, etc.
  8. Something like this happened to one of my friends and he just sat down and talked to both of his parents and told them all about weed. He explained how it isn't as bad as it seems, how it didn't effect his grades in school (he actually got better grades), how it helped him with different things, etc. After he talked to them about it he gave his parents a couple days to think about it and they told him that even though they weren't completely happy about it, that it was his choice to do it, and that he could continue to smoke as long as it didn't affect school at all, just that they didn't want it in their house or around them.

    Now that your parents know, why not just tell them everything, explain it to them, and hope they will understand. What have you got to lose? You already got busted.
  9. You should smoke up those swisher blunts before they go stale.

    Seriously, wait till your parents go out or sneak out and smoke all those blunts, completely empty your stash for one night of super-stonedness. Then take a break while they test you. If you fail the first one say it is still getting out of your system.

    Then when you think it's safe to smoke again, you'll have no tolerance at all and will get high off of a little bit.
  10. thatss what i was thinking WTF is goin on here

    fuckng fertilizser causen neck pain WTFFF is that guy thinking fuck
  11. thats what id do
  12. Your gonna have your parents for the rest of their lives. They are worried about you and don't want to be lied to.

    Educate them on the harmlessness of marijuana. And be a good kid, or at least convince them that you're a good kid. Learn to play the game of life. You parents are your crash course in how not to burn bridges, cause they love you no matter what. They will forgive and forget.
  13. you can smoke for 1 more month in stealth and just tell them thc stays in your system for 30 days
  14. if u live under their roof u live by their rules.

    even though there are plenty ways around seeing ur friends.....
  15. of course hes underage. like 1/3rd of this site is i bet, i can just tell. i think its a dumb rule that minors cant get on gc tho, cuz they do it anyway,
  16. and YOUR car. fuck that if its yours and you pay for gas they cant stop you from driving it. And like said above how the fuck (if your 18 can) can they forbid you to hang out with friends. ohhh and if worse comes to worse just move out then u can drive anywhere and hang out whith anyone
  17. can you learn how to USE. PUNCTUATION. ? :hello::hello:
  18. you shud smoke a blunt with ur dad... worked 4 me
  19. dude getting caught happens to everybody, but thats pretty messed up your parents wont let your hang with your best friends.
  20. get a few blunts, go up to them, and be like "smoke with me, i'll show you why i like it so much".

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