Got Caught With Weed, Didnt Get Fined

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  1. Ok so here's a little funny story that happened to me a couple days ago.
    I'm staying on campus for the summer at my college to take extra classes and get some extra credit. It's just 1 2-hour class everyday from 1-3, and I don't have a job, so I basically thought "hey fuck it, its the summer, lots of free time, why not smoke some weed?". I have a friend who I went to college with and me and him has been smoking up after the semester ended in my dorm room's bathroom. Now mind you, the dorms are kind of like apartment rooms, lots of space and a kitchen, living room, bathroom etc. Also, the CCs don't usually come around our rooms, so we can basically do whatever we want, whenever we want. Right?....
    Well anyways, me and my boy has been smoking in our dorm bathroom a couple times, each time being great because we never got a complaint about smoke smelling up the hallways and what not. However, Friday was a totally different story...
    We both just got finished up smoking 2 blunts, and we were chilling out playing Madden. About 15 minutes later, one of the desks assistants comes up to the room and notifies us that the entire bottom floor smells like weed....
    They call the police, and next thing you know i'm in the director on duty's office talking to an officer. I basically told him that I'm a chronic smoker, never been in trouble with the law, and made good grades. After letting him know how sorry I was (I was in complete panic mode), he basically resolved to not fining me and putting my name on record. However, I did have to give up my bud :(
    But, yea, that's my story lol. Crazy huh?

  2. lmao the sob story's never worked for me, and i've tried it a million times, you're lucky dude
  3. damn, sounds intense!
    i love canada, i've been caught multiple times and all they did was make me step on my weed and grind it into the ground lol.
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    That's pretty awesome i used to live in the ghetto in Cleveland Ohio, and once i got pulled over for "looking suspicious" (i think it was because im white and in the hood) and he ended up searching the car and found a few grams and showed it to me and i said "fuck man i forgot about that" and his response "were not the weed police kid, now if you had heroin or crack you'd be in trouble so stay off that shit"  and then he put it back in my glove box and sent me on my way. its was EPIC. :yay:
  5. cool story bro :)
    and u could have buyed the cop.

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